WiFi Marketing | Why it is Considered the Most Innovative Advertising Solution 

Wifi Marketing

In today’s business environment, WiFi marketing is considered to be one of the most innovative and effective ways to advertise. The strategy is about communicating messages, offers, or coupons directly to potential customers or users near the point of emission. The offline businesses create a WiFi coverage area where anyone with a mobile device (laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.) can connect to and access the services that have been made available. And when a user connects with their WiFi, they use a targeted approach of WiFi marketing for boosting their businesses.  

Users are always searching for free WiFi (when they are out) in order to use the Internet for work, check email, or access social networks. But for connecting with the free WiFi, they first have to navigate through the WIFI landing page related to the provider of this service. And this page can get the provider a lot of information about the identity of that customer, his behavior, and his interests. Want to learn more about this marketing strategy? Continue reading. 

How Does WiFi Marketing Work? 

WiFi marketing is when a retailer uses WiFi for business purposes. The retailer provides free WiFi in exchange for customer contact information. It then uses this information to send out marketing campaigns, like email newsletters and SMS (text) messages, to these customers.

When a customer comes to the venue and tries to connect with their WiFi, he will encounter a signup form or a WiFi landing page before he can start browsing the web. Once he provides the contact information that the page requires and agrees to any other terms and conditions, he’ll be able to use the store’s WiFi. Furthermore, after a customer connects successfully, retailers can control which webpage loads first on his device. 

Some Benefits of this Innovative Advertising Solution:  

This marketing strategy benefits both retailers and customers in the following ways.  

Advantages for Customers:  

  • Providing Free Guest WiFi in-store can help customers to search about things that are available in the store.
  • Shoppers have access to a potentially faster network than their cell phone service provider’s and they can also save on data usage with this.     
  • They will stay connected with you to get personalized offers, incentives, and even event invitations according to their interests. 

Benefits for Retail Businesses: 

  • Improved sales: The main goal for every retailer is to drive more sales.  And you will get a boost in your sales when you engage in WiFi marketing. Many surveys have revealed that customers spend more time and money on retailers that offer free WiFi. 
  • Help you understand your customers: WiFi marketing provides you access to a wealth of data and information about shoppers. You can use these insights to understand your business, your customers, their in-store experience, and what makes them tick. (And if you have more than one location, it will help you with a comparative analysis, too!) 
  • Assist you in building an audience: Whether you’re collecting email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, or social profiles (or both), these customers are becoming a list of interested individuals to whom you can market in the future. In addition to this, you’ll have information about their in-store and online behavior. This will create a richer customer profile that you can leverage for more targeted ads and promotions. All in all, this marketing strategy is a passive and effortless way to continually grow your list of customers. 
  • Useful in promoting a product or campaign: There are many ways that you can use with Wifi technology for promoting your brand. These methods start from the message you have displayed on your splash page to retargeted ads and follow-up email campaigns. You can use WiFi to promote personalized offers based on users’ activity and Facebook profiles. Moreover, it also helps you to use foot traffic data (such as how they’ve navigated your store, where they’re converting, where they’re spending the most time, etc.) to devise sale strategy and change layout and visual merchandising decisions. 

Final Thoughts: 

There are a great many reasons for businesses to offer free WIFI. And these reasons include keeping customers in their store or restaurant longer. However, if a business is not using its WiFi service for the purpose of WiFi Marketing, it is not making the most out of this technology. And for those restaurants, shops, or hotels that are not offering free WiFi service, they will start losing customers to other venues that do. This is why having free WiFi for Business is a must these days. 

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