Why Would anyone pay to work in a coworking space?

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Some people leave a lasting effect on you right away. You realize they’re going to be important to you after that first discussion. Their values align with or complement yours, they challenge you, and they open your mind to new possibilities. And, hopefully, you will reciprocate.

These ties go beyond the conventional supply-and-demand linkages that we make in the business centers in Dubai. And the fleeting friendships based on a common interest that come and go with each new activity. These are the kinds of partnerships that help you learn about yourself and help you grow.

Such encounters are frequently serendipitous, occurring as a result of some shared characteristic that led you to the same location at the same time. A mutual relationship can occasionally create serendipity.

I’m a community engineer, and that’s what I do.

At the moment, I’m interested in learning more about coworking communities and serviced offices in Dubai. It’s a setting in which we create both physical locations and opportune moments for serendipity to happen. That’s quite a feat.

But does it make a difference? – Coworking space

However, it appears that the community aspect of coworking is not high on the priority list for Dubai coworkers. While working at Focal Point Business Center for the past four months, I’ve been thinking about the needs of current and potential coworkers. This sequence of thought reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one of my favorite theories from first-year psychology.

After doing some investigation this morning, I realized that this connection has been made previously. And it was created by none other than Eric Van den Broek, one of the cofounders of Copass and Mutinerie, the Parisian coworking space that first drew me in. No amount of complimentary drinks can compensate for poor wifi, uncomfortable seats, or excessive costs in a competitive startup metropolis like Dubai.

Before delivering the full benefit of coworking, each coworking space must first focus on offering certain fundamental services.

This raises the question of what people are willing to pay for.

Stage 1

The desire to start looking for a coworking space and conference room rental In Dubai is usually at the bottom of the pyramid for most people. They’re seeking business-critical amenities such as wifi, workstations, and a restroom, all while staying under a fixed budget. It’s all about the stuff they already know they require. A serviced office, a large coworking network, or a small independent space might all easily meet these requirements.

Wifi, desks, chairs, printer, storage, meeting room, water, tea, coffee, and restrooms are all included.

Motivation: having a virtual office in Dubai without the hassle of renting and operating your own office.


  • Does it have enough capacity when I need it?
  • Is it within my financial ability?

Investment: as little money as possible

Stage 2

Some people seek out beautiful offices for rent in Dubaiwhere they can be around inspiring people to create a barrier between home and work. For others, the vibe of a location becomes essential only when they go through the door. The greatest locations are unique, offer a sense of personality, and lend credibility to a company.

Team, valuable network, atmosphere, credibility, and customizable membership plans are all included.

Motivation: a motivating workplace that can adapt to your evolving business requirements


  • Is it possible for me to be productive in this setting?
  • Are the other members of this group of people of interest to me?
  • Is it possible to cancel my contract if things don’t go as planned?

Investment: money, willing to pay a higher price for coworking than for a serviced office.

Stage 3

People begin to grow into their space once they have become accustomed to the communal nature of coworking. It’s especially noticeable on those difficult days when dealing with difficult clients and venting to someone who understands. When it comes to activating early adopters, there are a few things to consider. Alternatively, enjoying lunch with a coworker and discovering a common interest. This workplace is about people and personalities, not just business.

Events, introductions, friends, partnerships, collaboration, understanding, and a sense of belonging are all included.

Motivation: a group of people that share your desire to live a life with meaning and accomplish meaningful goals


  • Are there any events that I’d like to attend?
  • Is there anyone else I’d like to spend time with?
  • When things go awry, are people supportive?
  • Do I have a sense of belonging here?

Investment: Time

Stage 4

People become more open to the idea of giving back after they have found their position in the community. Increased security in their environment encourages community members to share their ideas and knowledge, enhancing their status within the organization.

Feedback, early adopters, event platform, and reputation are all included.

Motivation: a receptive and grateful audience with whom you can offer your knowledge


  • Do I value the community’s opinions?
  • Is it worthwhile to volunteer as a mentor or advisor?
  • Do others realize and appreciate what I’m capable of?
  • Is anyone interested in what I’m working on?
  • Do I have a sense of respect from you?

Investment: Expertise

Stage 5

Finally, those who thoroughly immerse themselves in the group will feel as if they are no longer pretending to be someone they aren’t. They get to work in the morning and, regardless of whether they are dressed in shorts or a suit that day, they are themselves. Aside from that, the people around them motivate them to keep growing in the directions they wish to go. This convergence of circumstances frees them to pursue their goal.

Included are: the freedom to be yourself, as well as communal motivation.

Motivation: a life that is both purposeful and enjoyable


  • Is it possible for me to be both inspired and productive?
  • Is this a joyful place for me?
  • Am I gaining knowledge from those around me?
  • Do I have any idea what I’m doing here?
  • Is it possible that I’m not being myself?
  • Am I acting in accordance with my values?

Investment: energy

What you invest in yields results.

I’m trying to avoid being cliché, but if all you invest is money, all you can expect is a coworking space. You’ll see considerably more value in coworking if you’re ready to invest some of yourself, your time, your knowledge, and your energy into the community.

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