Why Custom Boxes Are Necessary for Apparel Branding?

custom boxes

No matter how popular your brand is in the apparel industry, you need to use extravagant custom boxes to impress and allure customers.

The packaging industry is seeing a rapid escalation in demand from the apparel markets. Customers’ ever-increasing wish for gaining a valid reason for coming back to the brand compels apparel makers to use the packaging boxes in their stride.

Lately, the world has seen a major drift in buying patterns. E-commerce is experiencing higher sales figures and is projected to dominate the retail industry in the near future. Apparel items are shipped globally. Nothing is out of reach today. Customers buy from international apparel brands from their home space without having to go out shopping. It saves them time and a lot of effort. Plus, gives them more options to pick from.

Such strong factors favoring e-commerce have led to apparel companies shifting selling points online. It requires a reliable supply chain procedure to keep the products safe and make a robust first contact with buyers.

How can apparel boxes fill the void?

Many e-brands feel the need for better customer links. Customers get a tangible brand contact only when they receive their orders. There is a gap between customer expectations and fostering a personal relation with the businesses.

custom boxes

This is where custom apparel boxes come to the rescue!

Customized brand identity printed on the boxes ensures that the customers instantly retain the brand image as soon as they see it. The tailored box dimensions contain the apparel items effectively no matter how sensitive they are. And the box space is efficiently utilized to build a long-lasting link with buyers via imposing personalized messages.

All these factors combined give buyers a memorable shopping feel that is unmatched by any other. All the brand promotions come together on the apparel boxes to give a wholesome branding effect.

There are several reasons that the apparel industry holds on tight to customized boxes. 5 main ones are listed below:

One: The ideal box type

The apparel items are diverse. Clothing products, accessories, and shoes are all considered a major part of the industry. Naturally, as expanded the products are, they require individual attention to detail regarding the box structure.

Shoes need thicker boxes with firm covers so they don’t get compressed while in transit and at warehouses. Certain brands like Nike have introduced innovative box shapes for their latest shoe range.

Similarly, clothing brands have the option to send all the ordered quantities in one box. The box size is changeable and adjusted according to the product type. The boxes are crafted to ensure that the clothes do not get spoiled by water and dust.

Brands have the freedom to craft their custom box shapes or choose from the templates provided. In any case, the apparel brand is sure to stick out for safe deliveries and reliable custom boxes.

Two: Choosing suitable box themes

Apparel brands get to choose how customers would react to the products. Every apparel item can be presented in individual box themes that contain color combos, patterns, textures, and designs. Often, apparel makers imbibe the current trends and events onto their packaging to be more visible and relevant.

Customers want to get boxes that seem fit for use. They don’t want bland boxes to arrive at their doorsteps. Picking themes allow brands to introduce themselves and their products in an engaging manner. It also generates a must-have emotion among target customers, emitting a strong brand appeal.

Three: Be a physical ad for the brand

It works to have the boxes provide marketing materials too. Apparel makers have the option to custom print the boxes with whatever content they desire. It could start with the brand and product details and go on to display the brand in a positive limelight.

For instance, many brands opt for greener packaging to showcase their responsible attitude. YSL and Louis Vuitton have complied with their promotional objective via their boxes. They ship their apparel items in custom printed shipping boxes created to complement the brands.

Apparel makers have a lot of rivals and must rise above the competition to give customers noteworthy shopping experiences. It could comprise:

  • Offbeat fonts that are specific to the brand.
  • Personalized messages to let customers feel valued.
  • Illustrate the whole product line to prompt higher sales.
  • Inform customers of upcoming promotions, sales, and apparel products.
  • Convey website links and social media handles so buyers visit them repeatedly and give positive feedback.

Apparel companies can put forward their unique brand values and story to entice customers and impart attractive marketing vibes.

Four: Picking eco-friendly packaging boxes

Bio-degradable boxes are the new norm in the retail industry and apparel markets are no exception. Plastic is out and sustainable boxes are in. reusable paper stock such as cardboard and corrugated are used to craft strong apparel boxes. These also support various printing inks and custom box features.

We often see little recyclable signs on the back of the boxes. These reinstate the fact that the apparel boxes are made of reusable stock. Customers prefer such businesses who are sound of their carbon emissions. Hence, when they receive their orders in creative shapes made of corrugated paper, they are bound to get impressed and keep the boxes for alternative uses.

Five: Fits perfectly in pockets

Another fascinating use of apparel boxes is that they are affordable. The bio-degradable stock costs less and is readily available. This lowers assembly times and labor costs. Apparel makers can send their deliveries on time and gain customer loyalty due to favorable services and undamaged products.

Apparel makers can get cost-savings using customized boxes and pass these on to make their products better and marketing stronger. There is nothing like lowered brand promotions in times of current inflation rates worldwide.


Custom boxes allow beautification of apparel packaging and using them for varied tasks as mentioned in this article. It pays to have packaging that is above head and shoulders to the rest.

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