Why an Inclusive Learning Environment is Essential

Inclusive Learning Environment

Why is an inclusive learning environment conducive to the holistic growth and development of a child? Children are inherently accepting and optimistic. Therefore, it is essential to surround the child with a range of positive interactions – be it in the form of their classmates, educators, or support staff. Children love being surrounded by bright and shiny things; their inherently curious nature enables them to look at the world around them with a wonderfully innocent and receptive gaze. It is often said that children are like sponges – they absorb everything around them. And as we all know, school is the second most important agent of socialization for a child, after the family. 

In preschool, the aim of each educator is to help each child discover and develop their gifts and talents, boasting of the latest technologies that aid teaching and learning. The approach of preschool is essentially inclusive and there is an emphasis on the child’s social development by way of group activities.

An inclusive environment ensures that the child learns in an environment that is free from prejudice and negative biases, The curiosity of the child is met with openness, warmth, and acceptance. Our educators handle each question with sensitivity, giving explanations with kindness and tenderness. We never belittle or ridicule our children; they are our little treasures and we always want them to grow up to be self-confident, ethical, responsible and compassionate adults.

Why Choose Kangaroo Kids Preschool Gurgaon

At Kangaroo Kids, the best daycare and preschool in Gurgaon, we are fundamentally inclusive towards, and accepting of, the child – so as to make them extremely comfortable. We know all about “separation anxiety” when the child fears being separated from its primary caregiver in its earliest years. We at Kangaroo try to become the second family of the child because s/he is spending a significant amount of time in our learning center, surrounded by our loving teachers, support staff, and fellow children. Our teachers are highly qualified and trained in early childhood development theories, pedagogy, and child psychology, among other areas.

Inclusivity, in the study and in play, can look different. Children who belong to different parts of the country, for example, can learn to welcome and appreciate customs and traditions from different parts of the country. We can teach our children to be more mindful and compassionate while interacting with their classmates. Another way that inclusivity can be stressed in the classroom is by way of games and activities – they can be structured around the themes of inclusivity and celebration of differences. Children, since they are already inherently accepting and open-minded, can be taught that we all can see our differences in a positive light and come to see ourselves as one large family. Our educators at Kangaroo try to model the values of optimism, resilience, and celebration of diversity through their lesson plans and classroom discussions.

This knowledge equips them to put this knowledge into practice, which further means that they can take better care of these children in all possible aspects. Along with social and pedagogical development, we also place importance on emotional intelligence and development of the child. We know that a child’s feelings are unfiltered and pure, and we know how to deal with these feelings in a constructive manner.

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