Which are the well-known nursery schools in Abu Dhabi?

When it comes to schools in Abu Dhabi, particularly nursery schools in Abu Dhabi, the kingdom boasts a very large number of such institutions that are as good as the best in the world. Abu Dhabi is renowned the world over for its opulence and high standards of living. This reflects in the kind of schools it has, replete with the best infrastructure, facilities, and teaching staff.

Being home to a very large number of ex-pats from the far corners of the world, the kingdom pays a lot of attention to the education sector to ensure that the children of their overseas guests obtain the best education in the world in their schools in Abu Dhabi

The Best Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi

Giggles English Nursery

Giggles English nursery has for long provided stellar nursery education to the children of Abu Dhabi. They are known to provide loving care and quality education to toddlers empowering them to grow into confident individuals in love with learning. What’s more, the fees that they charge are pretty reasonable too.

Kids’ Academy Children’s Day Nursery

What’s special about this Abu Dhabi nursery is the fact that they have the best teachers, outstanding care, stellar learning programs, and facilities that are out of the top drawer. There couldn’t be a better introduction to the formal education system than this friendly, yet empowering institution.

Falcon British Nursery

This school has the unique distinction of being the only UK accredited nursery school in all of Abu Dhabi. That makes it the go-to nursery school for many ex-pat children, particularly the British ones. With dreaming, discovering, and exploring being the guiding principles by which children receive their education in this school, one can expect them to grow into fine little confident individuals. 

ABC Nursery

Founded way back in 1979, the ABC Nursery is renowned for providing the highest quality preschool programs for nursery children. It is a school where children can expect to find a happy as well as a secure and enlivening environment that empowers little children to grow in confidence and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Odyssey Nursery

They follow that American Curriculum comprising the Reggio Emilia approach. They are aware of the fact that children need to be taught as individuals for them to realize their potential. That is why this nursery school devises individualized curriculums for its students. 

Mosaic Nursery School

Since 2013, Mosaic Nursery School, located in the Sun Tower, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi has earned a formidable reputation for providing the highest quality of care as well as education for nursery-going children. No wonder it is one of the most popular nursery schools in Abu Dhabi.

Global Indian International School

Known around the world for its chain of schools across many nations, the Global Indian International Network of schools has a flourishing school in Abu Dhabi that boasts a nursery section as well. Its Global Montessori Plus curriculum is quite a renowned one. 

Blooming Buds Nursery School

This is again a very highly regarded Abu Dhabi nursery school that ensures that there is a lot of purposeful play and individualized learning by way of several hands-on activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage methodology followed by the school ensures that its children get a great start to their formal education.

Apple Bee Nursery Abu Dhabi

The Apple Bee Nursery follows the American curriculum and since 2013 has been at the forefront of providing nursery education to Abu Dhabi’s children. The school believes in age-appropriate activities as a means of developing the individual potential of children that small.


Abu Dhabi is a popular destination for professionals from around the world to come and seek employment. A lot of these are family people with small children. The fact that Abu Dhabi has some of the best nursery schools anywhere is a major factor in convincing such ex-pats to take up employment in Abu Dhabi.

The fact that many of these schools in Abu Dhabi follow curricula that are followed in the home countries of many of the children who seek admission in these schools makes it all the more convenient for them to consider receiving an education in a  nursery school in Abu Dhabi,. Surely, receiving an education in one of Abu Dhabi’s nursery schools augurs well for the children concerned.

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