What’s so special about ” Rose Day ” In Valentine Week?

The time when every couple waits across the world comes again. It is the time where every person eagerly waits to shower their love & affection with each other. Yvves, we are talking about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February, but did you know that valentines start from 7th February.

Whether you are celebrating a rose day for the first time or never knew it before, here’s everything you should know before buying roses for your special one.

Significance & History Of Rose Day

We all know that Valentine’s day is celebrated on February 14th. But only a few people might know about Valentine’s week.  And this valentines week starts from 7th February. The whole week is celebrated by couples in different formats and pamper their loved ones with unique gift ideas. Valentine’s week includes rose day, chocolate day, proposal day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day, and finally Valentine’s day. And on 7th of February which means the first day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as rose day. Why not, every love story begins with a small flower, doesn’t it.

That’s why people say ” love like a rose”. Love and roses are similar to one another. Nothing can be synonymous with amorous feelings other than the rose flowers. Roses symbolize the aroma and beauty that love flows. So, roses day just emerged accidentally, it started as the official messenger for Valentine’s week.

As per history, Victorians practiced this tradition of gifting roses as the symbol of pure love to express their feelings which aren’t expressed with just words. 

Also, Anyone and Cleopatra were in a room filled with roses. Romans represent roses as a token of love.

The major significance of these beautiful roses lies in their innate quality for evoking beauty,  happiness, and elegant love. Roses embody the affection, warmth,  freshness, with delicate innocence that one can trust for conveying their deepest feelings.

Rose Day is such a wonderful opportunity for every lover to pamper their special someone with the most love and affection. But hold on, you have to do it in the right way. Yes, just giving a bunch of flowers or roses irrespective of the rose color can turn your Valentine’s day into anti-valentines day. As there are many aspects of love, the several colorofof oses signify a certain meaning to every flower. Let’s see what colored and count of roses are better to give this valentines day.

Rose Colour Meaning

1. Red Roses

Of course, we all know that Red Roses Bouquet are the true epitome of love and romance. So you can give them with blond trust.  These ted roses are a true expression of love that defines romance & love that conveys the perfect meaning of love you or be mine to your partner.  So, give your sweetheart a lovely red rose and express all your true feelings on this rose day.

2. Yellow Roses

Yellow roses represent caring, friendship. So, a yellow rose expresses pure friendly emotions. In case, gifting these yellow flowers to your loved one can cause serious trouble. But these can be great gifts to your friends.

3. Orange Roses

The orange roses are a token of passion & enthusiasm. You can go for these orange roses for expressing a true emotion of intense desire for your special someone. These are a perfect gifting option that symbolizes a powerful message to your special ones, and you could also pair them with a red rose that can bring more fire to the relationship.

4. Pink Roses

Pink roses represent grace, gratitude, joy & admiration. Gifting these lovely blooms to your beloved lets you uniquely celebrate this day of love.

5. White Roses

Except if you hear the wedding bells, it is better to stay away from these white roses. Because the white rose represents purity & innocence. These are also seen during funerals or weddings.

6. Peach Rose

Peach roses symbolize the blush of love and modesty, appreciation. If you are in the idea of appreciating someone’s modesty or beauty, these peach roses work great. If you have a crush on anyone, give them peach roses.

7. Lavender Roses

The feeling of first sight love is too beautiful and can be perfectly expressed with these lavender colors. These lavender roses convey fantasy and duration with a good sense of splendor.

8. Blue Roses

Do you have these people in life whom you can’t think about although you know you can’t have them? In that case, show how you feel with these blue roses. As blue roses embody the intention for the unapproachable.

Number of roses meaning

  • Gift a  single rose to the one you love that symbolizes ‘love at first sight.
  • A bunch of 3 Roses represents ‘I love you.
  • Gifting 5 Roses is such a great way to show your love and care for your special someone.
  • A lovely arrangement of 6 Roses symbolizes want to take the relationship to another level
  • 9 Roses is a token of eternal love that also says ”  I wish to stay with you the rest of my life.”
  • 10 Roses are the perfect way to say ” you are perfect”
  •  Gift 12 Roses to ask ” will you be mine”
  • A bunch of 24 Roses expresses that the special somebody is always on your mind.

What more are you looking for? These are things you must know to celebrate rose. Now you are all set to celebrate the rose day. Let your love fly in the air, and encounter the best moments in life with a  bucket full of roses.  Explore Dp Saini Florist, to find fresh blooms of rose flower delivery online.  Don’t just limit yourself with flower bunches, choose from lovely rose flower bouquets, rose boxes, rose baskets, and personalized rose flowers arrangements. Premium rose combos at Dp Saini Florist include pairing gorgeous roses with chocolates, teddy, cosmetics, and much more. Gift the rose and let it do the rest. Happy Rose day, folks.

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