What Helps People Complete the Rehabilitation Program for their Addiction?

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Strategies for keeping your loved one in rehab is critical because successful outcomes often depend on an individual’s staying in rehab to complete the selected program. Overcoming an addiction is never easy and requires help from all every angle. The recovery from addiction takes a strong determination coupled with a considerable measure of hard work and patience. Staying in a rehab centre in Delhi for the entire duration of the program is the best and the only way to achieve lasting recovery. But many patients abandoned the addiction recovery treatment – a typical rehabilitation program can go vary from 30 to 90 days or even more depending on the requirement. However, many patients leave rehab even before the program ends.

Why Do People Leave Rehab Without Completing the Program?

The number one reason is the pull of the addiction, followed by inability to adhere to the regimen demanded by recovery centres. The rehabilitation program includes training, activities, and evidence-based classes, all of which take time. It takes sheer determination and patience to complete the program without relapsing. As mentioned above, some people may find the procedures too strict to handle while others may be tempted to leave by their addiction-day friends.

The primary reasons why people leave rehab early:

  • They make me work too hard all day
  • The people don’t understand me
  • I went through detox, so I am sober
  • I can’t stand being away from my family and loved ones
  • As per statistics, many addicts leave rehab within the first 2-3 days of joining the program. They threaten, plead, beg, or promise to make their family come and rescue them from the rehabilitation centres.

    What are the ways to convince addicts to remain in the program?

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    When an individual enters a rehabilitation program, it is critical to let him/her know that it is not okay to abandon the program whenever he/she wants. Although patients can leave whenever they want, and it is not a jail, the primary aspect of rehabilitation centres is to teach patients the coping skills and effective ways for avoiding relapse.

    1. Individualized programs can help a patient complete the treatment plan. The programs are designed to keep the patients stay motivated. Lots of activities, individual as well as team-oriented are designed to help an individual identify the triggers and learn the coping mechanisms.
    2. Family involvement can be a huge boost in driving your loved one to complete the treatment for the duration. If the patient gets to spend time with their loved ones during the course of treatment, they will have the motivation to stay for the full recovery. You should never discourage, but always let the patient know s/he has your full emotional support.
    3. The facilities offered by a rehab centre are necessary to help a patient recover faster and stay motivated to complete the program. A facility with comfortable beds, large areas to relax and counsellors to help with tough times. When choosing a center, you have to look at the facilities offered to ensure your loved one is going to the best center.

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