What Free Mobile Games to Download in 2020?

Free Mobile Games

Many gamers have prejudices about mobile games: many believe that they are too simple and monotonous, as well as excessively stuffed with ads and microtransactions. Fortunately, this is not true for all mobile games. Here you will find the best free mobile games that you will definitely not be disappointed with. All of them are suitable for Android, and many of them are also suitable for IOS.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is one of the most popular mobile battle royale games with cute cartoon graphics. Here you will find a wide variety of game modes, designed for the opposition of two teams (3 vs 3) lasting about 3 minutes. For example, one of the most popular modes is the Gem Grab mode, in which your team must first collect 10 gems. There are other equally interesting modes. For example, Showdown, in which your character must fight in a mortal battle and remain the last survivor, and Heist, where you must capture the enemy’s safe while protecting your own safe. And that’s not all the modes, despite the fact that the developers often hold thematic events in the game and arrange international championships. By playing long enough, you can unlock many characters, develop the abilities of each, and collect a collection of skins that will make your image unique.


Unfortunately for many players, the mobile version of Minecraft, like the computer version, remains paid. And the demo version available on the Play Market is short-lived. Fortunately, Realmcraft, which is very similar to Minecraft, is completely free to play. Inside you will find three different game modes: Survival, Creative, and Worlds. In survival mode, you find yourself in an unfriendly world, where you have to get food in time in order not to die of hunger and hide from evil mobs at night (the main thing is to build a house right away). In creative mode, you don’t need to rush and be afraid, because you are immortal and you have all the existing blocks in your inventory, with which you can build whatever your imagination allows. Well, in the Worlds mode, you can team up with a friend to build together.

Slap Kings

If you are looking for a fun “time killer”, then the funny mobile arcade game Slap Kings will appeal to you. Here your task will be to give the enemy the most powerful slap in the face and knock him out. To do this, you will need to follow the arrow moving along the scale and give a slap in the face while it is in the very center of the scale. And if you stand up during a boss fight, you can use temporary help, such as a helmet, to protect you from enemy slaps and other devices. Don’t think about anything, just slap your opponent in the face and have fun.

The Cook

A casual cooking game in which you will travel the world in search of new recipes and cook unusual dishes, many of which you have not tried yet. You will be selling food prepared by you on a mobile van, so try to keep every customer happy and grow your small business. It is important to choose the right ingredients and their proportions, carefully cut vegetables, and also not to overcook or overcook anything. In general, the cooking process here is very realistic and you will be proud of every new dish, and you can also repeat some dishes in reality if you want. There are also various kitchen tools to help you create your culinary masterpieces.

Brain Out

Brain Out is a collection of various challenges and puzzles that will test your mental abilities. Here you will find tasks for logic, memory, creativity, and reflexes. Solutions to many problems are absolutely non-trivial, and in order to solve them correctly, you will need to use non-standard thinking. The game intrigued users so much that the Internet is full of discussions and methods for passing difficult tasks from this game, but we recommend not to give up and try to solve everything yourself. This is a game for all ages that will allow you to look at the world in a new way and have fun with your friends.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

An addictive music game in which you have to drag a bouncing ball from tile to tile to the rhythm of a melody. You cannot skip the tiles, otherwise, the game ends. In the game you will find 30 beautiful melodies from classics to electronics, you can also load your favorite tracks into the game and the levels will be generated automatically. For more relaxation and variety, more than 20 unique backgrounds and stunning 3D effects are waiting for you. Jump to the music for as long as possible, compete with other players for the highest place in the ranking and share your records with your friends.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the most popular multiplayer battle royale game on mobile that keeps players on their toes. In the most popular, classic game mode, you will find yourself in an unknown area with hundreds of other players. Your goal will be to be the last survivor. To do this, you need to collect ammunition, look for cover, be fast and agile. At the same time, you cannot hide in one place, since the map is gradually narrowing. By the way, the variety of the maps themselves is quite large: here you will find jungle, cities, and icy tundra. By playing long enough, you will be able to learn the useful secrets of all existing cards. There are equally dynamic and addicting modes such as 4v4 team deathmatch, Playload, and zombie modes. You can use all the possibilities of the game alone, or unite in clans with other players.

Easy game

Similar to the Brain Out app, Easy Game offers the most challenging tasks to help you test and develop your mental abilities: logic, memory, intelligence, and creativity. So, by regularly exercising in a playful way, you can increase your potential. Conveniently, at each unique level, no one limits you in time, so you can think about the solution as much as you like. And if you are already tired of straining your convolutions and want to get a solution to an intriguing problem right now, then you can use the hint. All in all, this is a great educational game for adults and children.

RAID: Shadow Legends

RAID: Shadow Legends is a dark fantasy RPG with well-designed graphics and realistic Lord of the Rings-style combat. In the story, the prosperous country of Telleria was captured by the evil despot Sairot, and the player’s character is an ancient hero awakened to save the kingdom. Your character will have to collect a strong army of hundreds of heroes of various races (orcs, elves, lizardmen, and undead), develop the abilities of your warriors, and select the right equipment. The storyline campaign consists of 12 exciting levels, and there are also PvP battles in which your team must destroy opponents. Despite the fact that many hardcore gamers dislike mobile games for being too simple, this mobile RPG is quite complex.

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