What essential care should I take when delivering my customized products – t-shirt?

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Several businesses, such as customized product stores, had to reinvent themselves throughout the year due to the impacts of the new Coronavirus pandemic. Consumption at a distance has consolidated and, with it, delivery has gone far beyond meals. Mainly personalized evangelical t-shirt stores

But for delivery deliveries to be carried out today. It is essential that the products are well sanitized. And that the employees and customers are properly protected against the transmission of diseases.

Keep reading and find out what measures need to be taken by you. Business owner, to promote this special care in the deliveries of your products!

Sanitize the packaging of customized products

Packaging your product. Disinfect and sanitize the packaging with 70º alcohol. To preserve for the safety of the deliverer and the customer.

It is also interesting to warn employees and consumers about this measure. Despite this care, guide customers to discard the packaging soon after receiving the product.

t-shirt – Guide the employees on hygiene issues

If you have employees specialized in deliveries, try to guide them regarding hygiene measures. Fundamental to contain the transmission and advance of diseases, especially viral ones.

If you choose a third-party logistics company. Find out if these employees are also aware of and comply with certain requirements of health authorities, which include:

  • wash your hands frequently with soap or 70º gel alcohol before and after each delivery;
  • and wearing masks and gloves when in contact with the outside world.

t-shirt – Organizing deliveries before they leave

To facilitate the delivery of your customized products, try to organize the route and the order of deliveries before they even leave your establishment.

Ask those responsible to arrange the deliveries in the order in which they will be taken, to avoid touching several times each box or bag unnecessary for the moment.

Opt for online means of payment

In an e-commerce, or through social networks, the ideal is to encourage online payment. That avoids the contact of your customer with the deliveryman, as well as the exchange of money and handling of card machine.

Guide your employees and customers, before delivery, to combine the change previously (in case of cash payment) and to the consumer himself insert the card in the machine (in case of card payment).

If the deliveryman needs to take the card machine, orient and offer the possibility of the deliveryman to sanitize the machine with a cloth soaked in alcohol gel or 70º alcohol before and after its use.

t-shirt – Attention to deliveries in buildings and condominiums

It is important to say that in residential buildings and condominiums. All deliveries are made at the reception. This measure aims to reduce the access and circulation of the deliverer in the common areas of the building, reducing the risks of contagion and disease transmission.

Ask the deliverymen to keep distance from the customers

When contacting the delivery man, guide him to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the customer to avoid the transmission of diseases. A tip is the delivery man to leave the product at the door of the house or elevator of the customer.

This measure also prevents the consumer from having to sign the receipt of the product. Instead, guide so that the deliveryman proves the receipt by asking the full name and RG or CPF of the customer.

With these measures, you can ensure a much safer delivery to the deliverer and the customer.
And for you to continue selling your custom products, even under adverse conditions. It’s essential to choose a reliable supplier who will be your partner at any time.

Offering special conditions and terms of purchase, possibilities such as free or fixed shipping. And that you worry about the safety of everyone involved in the process.

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I hope with this simple but very relevant information. May they help everyone, because each writing was done with great care.

Enjoy each tip, even more in these periods of pandemic. Impact to all and generate more sales.

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