What do You Expect From an Air Filter?

Air filters

Summer is approaching, air conditioners are now ready to do their work. If you are stuck to an air conditioner for several years then before setting it up you should call a professional to inspect the condition of your air conditioner, they will monitor every corner of the AC and duct system and if there is any concern, needful steps can be taken.

Installing an air conditioner is not the end of the job to keep the indoor atmosphere clean A high-performance filter media is also needed. Fiberglass filter paper, Pleated filters are frequently used to do this work. 

Many people do not know the filters, a few don’t know that the filter is also assumed or inserted with the air conditioner. People who are thinking about installing a new air filter with an air conditioner should know multiple things that will eliminate most of the mistakes that a new AC filter buyer makes.

Before purchasing a new filter you should set or determine your priorities so you can get a proper filter according to your home.


We use the air filter to purify the air and improvise the quality of Indoor airflow. If you think that your home is clean enough and you can breathe comfortably at this place then a normal filter will be suitable for you. Don’t pay attention to other words who ask you to install a high Merv rating, high-efficiency air filter. It is a waste of money. Look over your needs and purchase accordingly.

Filtration capabilities

Are you looking for a filter to eliminate the dust, pat sanders, chronic illness bacterias, or you need to eliminate the chemical odors that impact the indoor temperature? Sometimes the tiny particles of viruses enter into the filters. 

Allergies issues

If you often face dust Allergy issues then you need to purchase a high-efficiency filter then can collect the dust particles, molds, pollutants and make the atmosphere breathable, comfortable and nonallergic. High efficient, high Merv filters are best for the places that are near to industrial areas and get polluted easily. At such places, you need a high-dense filter or pleated filters. You can’t monitor the filter frequently to check whether the air filter is contaminated or can sustain more days.

Nowadays smart AC is introduced in the market you can monitor the status of the systems through your phones, turn on/ turn off, increase and decrease temperature.

Energy saver 

A filter is said to be efficient that can eliminate the dust effectively in less time and maintain the airflow by consuming less energy. If it needs a high amount of energy to operate, it will take more time to filtrate the atmosphere. The filter can be clogged up soon or collapse. Purchase a filter that is energy efficient and offers ideal operational usage.

Balanced operation 

If the operational speed is higher than usual any part can be affected because of a higher amount of usage. A high MERV rating filter operates comparatively faster and throws a negative impact on the airflow. This operational disbalance may damage any internal component of the air conditioning system and you need to call the professional.

Ease of maintenance

While you are purchasing a filter for your HVAC system, you should know the DIY maintenance tips. How many times do you need to change the filters in a year?

How much cost do you need to pay for the maintenance?

MERV is a significant factor that defines the efficiency level of the filter as the filter media is made of different materials and their implementation is in different areas for different purposes.

We have mentioned a few points that will help you to make a suitable selection of the filter for your home. Know your priorities and your home’s indoor condition and outdoor situations. 

Below you can read which MERV rating filter best suitable for your indoor requirements.

Additional points:

MERV rating 15-20 is ideal for viruses.

MERV rating 13-17 is suitable for Bacterias.

MERV rating 8-16 is suitable for VOCs./ chemical odors.

MERV rating 5-8 is suitable for dust, mold, pollutants.

MERV ratings 1-4 are suitable to eliminate general air filtration.

As the MERV rating increased, the filter media density also increased and so as the efficiency level.

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