What business can I start during the crisis?

Despite what it may seem, undertaking in times of crisis can be a good idea. Crises often involve changes in society and these, in turn, new business opportunities. Precisely for this reason, the coronavirus crisis is leading many businesses to reinvent themselves. Even those people who, unfortunately, have lost their jobs choose to implement a startup idea. If you are in a similar situation, you may wonder: what business can I start now ? Here you will find the keys and remember that in these uncertain times, insurance for SMEs is essential.

Ideas to undertake

The coronavirus has changed our needs and, with them, also the way we consume goods and services. Consequently, these new consumption patterns are the main factor that we must look at when we are looking for ideas to start a business. What are the consumer trends since Covid-19 came into our lives?


Now we spend more time in front of the screens. The motives? Relationships through social networks, teleworking and the increase in online purchases. Therefore, a business linked to online marketing and advertising has a chance of success in what is already known as the post-covid era.


If you are going to sell something, let it be online. Currently we prioritize online purchases to those made in the supermarket or in neighborhood stores, since it is a good way to distance ourselves socially to prevent infections. So, if you have a business idea, think about creating a good sales website before opening a store.


We have replaced bars and restaurants by enjoying food at home with the family. Also, if we work from home, we no longer eat a menu of the day in a bar, but we can ask that the food be brought home. Therefore, if your thing is the restoration, think about offering a good kitchen, including a good service at home.


The logistics and parcel services are linked to the above businesses. Online shopping and food orders lead us to the need for companies that are dedicated to delivering a multitude of purchases to homes. So if you have a spacious vehicle, you practically have the business assembled.

Everything you have to take into account before starting a company

Are you determined to start your startup ? Before taking action, you need to pay attention to the following points. In addition, in each of them we analyze the pros and cons that you could find:


It is essential that you get the financing that your business requires. The first alternative that usually comes to mind is to go to a bank to grant us a loan, but you also have the option of asking an individual for help or on crowfunding pages .

  • Pros: If you opt for a business that requires little investment, your savings may be enough. On the other hand, thanks to the forms of financing decoupled from banks, you could save yourself a good pinch of interest.
  • Cons: In the event that your project requires significant financing, you may have to stop it and opt for another that is more affordable and / or from the sources of financing that you have available.


The design of a good business plan is vital before putting your idea into practice. Remember to include in it the raw material, tools and resources you need to develop your project.

  • Pros: If you develop a business plan, you will take into account every detail and no expense will take you by surprise.
  • Cons: You must bear in mind that the development of a business plan requires time, in addition to certain knowledge, which can make your business see the light much later than you expected.


The creation of any company requires a series of administrative procedures. The most remarkable thing is that you must register with the Treasury and Social Security to start your activity.

  • Pros: If you manage your activity correctly from the beginning, you will avoid possible conflicts with public administrations.
  • Cons: It is likely that you need advice from a manager to tell you how to carry out these procedures.


It is very important that you have insurance for SMEs to protect your business. And, remember that it is mandatory when opening a large number of them. In addition, if it is an online startup, it will be ideal for you to take out specialized insurance that includes the cyber risk guarantee to be protected against different eventualities that may affect you in the digital environment.

  • Pros: An insurance for your business is an essential protection that can guarantee success in the face of different unforeseen events that you may encounter.
  • Cons: There is the possibility that you choose a policy that does not suit your needs well. To avoid this, he has the personalized advice of the professionals of a large company such as Catalana Occidente.

A crisis full of opportunities

The coronavirus crisis has come together with changes in consumption that are causing the closure of many businesses. However, whenever there is a crisis, new opportunities open up. Even now it is time to create a new startup company taking advantage of the new needs generated.

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