Voice Search Optimization: 3 Strategies for Extra Traffic from Google:

OK GOOGLE, how to prepare the chocolate cake? 

Voice search like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Cortana by Microsoft, and smart speakers are all certainly hyped at present. Voice search is a form of searching online. Rather than typing on Google, you use your voice. You can use it anywhere, while marketing, bathing, cooking, or running; just use your voice and ask it!

With the increasing use of voice searches, voice search optimization is necessary for content writing services and SEO benefit. Voice search optimization is quite similar to SEO. In this article, we will discuss how e-commerce businesses optimize their websites with this trend.

Know how to in this blog!

Strategies for voice search optimization:     

As voice search is so much in trend and millions of people are using these features, a business person should learn how to develop keyword search keywords and rank higher on SERP.

Here are certain keywords strategies a business person should know. They are as follow:

  • Question keywords: Words like- how, why, where, when are frequently used by users to find a solution to their questions.  Therefore it is important to incorporate these terms for voice search optimization.
  • Long-tail keywords: Users use long-specific keywords while searching online. Therefore, use this strategy to your advantage and use a better communication line to establish a virtual social relationship with your customers.

Here is an example. Look how you make customers rely on your product and make them buy it. Despite simply saying “bed”, you can write something interesting and more specific like “elmwood veneer day-bed”.

Long taol KW
  • Filler words: Words like- I, the, for, for the, etc. should be included with the questions because they ignite a conversation tone between the customer and the seller. Example: “How can I score well in my exam? “

All these above points are influential and can be helpful for a businessman who wants to set up a website for voice search optimization. 

Let’s look at 3 ways for voice search optimization:

Voice searches are one of the fastest rising economic trends, and businessmen and SEO cannot afford to keep aside its importance. Three ways you can practice to get a better ranking for voice search optimization.

Find out how below!

1.Rich answer for optimization:

According to SEMrush voice search history, a rich answer is Google’s venture to deliver a quick and precise answer to user’s questions. For a better experience, Google read it aloud and clear.

Always try to incorporate these things for voice search optimization. Here are as follow:

  • Knowledge graph: Google’s knowledge graph stores all information, facts about a place, people, and things.
  • Featured snippet: Google brings out these answers from third-party websites, and they emerge on the top of the search results.
  • Knowledge panel: It pops up on the right side of the search results. Knowledge panels help to generate information for particular queries from various sources.

Did you see Google potentiality with voice searches? I got an accurate answer to my query.

2. Use “Google My Business listing”

“OK Google, Tell me the best Tibetan restaurant near me” This type of voice search is very frequent, therefore use it, to rank yourself in the Google My Business listing. Make sure your business ranks top for these queries! 

It is important to categorize and describe your business to customers. Provide them with the correct and valid shop name, phone number, address, pin code, and direction to reach. You can also post customer reviews, photos of food, and people enjoying it. Also, add special discount codes and offers to attract more customers. Targeted keywords and local content will also help you to rank higher on SEP. 

Therefore use Google Business listing for voice search optimization to improve your SEO. Here is an example you can look at below! 


3. Mobile-friendly SEO: 

Voice searches mostly occur on smartphones, and tablets. Google emphasizes more on creating mobile-friendly content like shape, design, and speed because phones are portable, and most verbal questions are being asked there. 

Mobile-friendly SEO for voice search optimization will positively boost your business to new heights. Some key techniques to achieve it faster:

  • Build mobile-responsive websites.
  • Run Google’s mobile-friendly test tool.
  • Websites should be crawlable to guarantee mobile display and exposure of the content to the users. 

Mobile phones are the future of voice searches and the content looks different than on desktops. Therefore, a mobile-friendly SEO cannot be overlooked.



Voice search optimization is a really good and boosting factor for all e-commerce businessmen. Good SEO strategies will optimize voice search for their content. It’s the only way to bring content closer to all age group users’ including teen to old age, is by voice search optimization. 

The above strategies and ways will aid you to rank socially better for voice search and create voice search optimization strategies. But again, it is advisable to study and then decide which methods will work best for your content. 

Giant tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have already optimized their content for voice searches. So when are you planning to do it?

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