Trends 2019 In The World of Lifestyle-Accessories

Trends are a wave of changes in people’s preferences, and there is no such sphere that its influence would not affect. It is a mistake to assume that fashion and trends in 2019 are only about clothes. Gliders and pens, stickers and binders, absolutely all lifestyle accessories are influenced by trends, which from year to year give us new colors, materials, and shapes.

This article will help to understand the coolest things that we will use from day to day at work, at home, and on travels throughout 2019.

New materials


Technologies in the light industry do not stand still, along with the progress in fashion are new materials: “space” holographic fabrics, synthetic paper, new types of silicone with glitters inside, velvet and plush spraying and, of course, sequins and sparkles of all possible variations. They will be used in the creative office to create fashionable covers in notebooks, design pen cases, and pens in the same style.

Lamas and sloths


For example, earlier everyone adored cute owls and pandas; after them, unicorns captured the world. Unicorns, of course, do not give up, but lamas and sloths gradually replace them. It will be a hit in 2019 everywhere and the lifestyle segment too.

Motivational quotes


Do what you love, never give up, enjoy the little things and like these are inscriptions that will meet almost everywhere and give us even more confidence and strength. Gone are the days when fashionable logos and phrases on clothes were a sign of bad taste, now designers have used this print in their collections. From the trend of clothing and moved to lifestyle accessories. In the daily office, these phrases will always be in front of your eyes, raising your spirits.



This trend can be called real titanium. The boom in the use of black and white design is observed almost every season. In 2019, the influence of fashion on monochrome will be especially noticeable in the office. Minimalist design has already begun to slip from the most famous brands: more and more often, they prefer black and white patterns. And it is tough to argue with such a choice: it always looks impeccable, stylish, and modern.


eye print

Most likely, many already know the original eye print. The trendsetter for this print can be called Kenzo. In 2013, the brand released a collection that became revolutionary thanks to this decision.

Yes, the trend originated several years ago, but in 2019 it will play with new colors in the lifestyle-accessories. Big-eyed will do notebooks, pens, business card holders, and much more. Such a bold decision will suit those who are not afraid to experiment and attract attention.


Together with the eyes on the fashionable pedestal of lifestyle-accessories, there will be bright lips. The boom in the use of such prints also fell in 2013, but this concerned mainly clothes. In 2019 it will reach the peak of its popularity in the office. For example, pens with massive red lips on a cap will often occur. Insanely feminine and extravagant trend.



The nautical theme, loved by many, will continue to figure in the design of lifestyle accessories. Only now the championship will go from mermaids to corals. And this is not surprising since it was precisely coral that was named the primary color of 2019 according to the Pantone Institute. However, do not be discouraged ahead of time, the mermaid theme will not go anywhere, add new elements to it, and corals are one of them.

Oriental patterns


Bright Indian patterns will once again enter the battle, the main one being paisley. Previously, we could observe the dawn of this trend in clothing, and now it is time for lifestyle-accessories. And thanks to this, there are excellent prospects for designer fantasies, because you can beat the topic in an endless number of ways.

Bright elements

In contrast to the monochrome, at the peak of popularity in 2019, there will be an office with unusual prints-abstractions, the main feature of which is bright elements. So, the emphasis will be on one or more details of the overall composition. This design will suit creative individuals who prefer non-standard solutions.

As for the textures, in 2019, the actual material will be velour. It will be used to design both notebooks and pens. Sequins adorned by many and glitter will also remain relevant in the new season.

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