Treks For Photography In The Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers

Darma Valley Trek:

Located in the district of Pithoragarh of Uttarakhand lies the beautiful valley of Darma which is said to be both a picturesque as well as a perfect trekking spot. The valley presents itself with wonderful waterfalls, greenish lush forests, amazing meadows, blue streams, beautifully colored flowers, and many more exciting things ahead. While trekking through the dense forests you will witness rare animals like the alpine ibex, blue sheep, etc. This place is said to be a cherish able and memorable one.

Valley of Flowers:

A popular trekking spot is also known as the Land of Flowers. This place is at an elevation of about 3500 m lies the Valley of Flowers covering a distance of about 87.50 km. It’s said that this place has flower species of more than 1000 kinds that feel like nature has put a colorful blanket on itself. The flowers bloom during the summer season and remain the same along with snow during the winter season. This is said to be a perfectly picturesque place. There is also a wildlife park in this valley known as the Valley of Flowers National Park which is home and protects a large number of rare flora and fauna. Some of the highlights are said to be the endangered species of flowers, rare species of fauna and avifauna, variety of flora, and also a highly important place of medical plants. July to August is the best time to take up this trek.

Auden Col Trek:

The Auden Col trek is said to be one of the most adventurous and challenging treks that Uttrakhand state would ever offer, which lies at an altitude of about 5450 m. The views from the top are worth all the difficulty to be faced. One understands the creation of mother nature in a perfect way after the completion of the trek. Here the trekkers get to pass through some of the forests such as the pine meadows and bridge forest. The Trek begins with 2 ridges and 2 glaciers namely the Gangotri III, Jogin I, Khatling. This track has the most enchanting ambiance with the stunning Himalayas. One can witness the Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal, Markha river on the way to the top. The Hemis National Park is also located in this trekking spot which allows the trekkers to explore this National Park along with the trek. June to September is the most visited time to this trekking spot.

Dzongri Trek:

The tracking begins from Yoksom, which is the former capital of Sikkim. trekkers get a chance to learn more about the culture of Sikkim and enjoy the beauty of the same. This is the perfect place to click amazing pictures. The truck goes through a dense forest that consists of pine trees, magnolia trees, and rhododendron trees. The perfect time to visit this place is from the month of November to April.

Goecha La Trek:

This place has a lot of snow-capped mountains which is a wonderful place for tourists to visit. Once you reach the mountain pass the trekkers get to witness the translucent views of Lake Samiti. You can also click pictures of Mt. Kanchenjunga, which showcases the beauty of the walls of their home. Some of the highlights of this spot are that of the thick forest ridges, wonderful views of the mountains, fresh blue skies, an amazing landscape, and also there are different species of trees. March to November is the best recommended time to take up this trekking journey.

Milam Glacier Trek:

This glacier trek is said to be one of the biggest glaciers that the river of Gori Ganga emanates. The trek begins from Munsiyari from where the perfect picturesque place begins. one can witness the Hardeol peak and the Nanda Devi peak from this spot. Once the trekkers reach the top of this trekking spot they will understand themself that this is a perfect and excellent photographic point as it exhibits itself with 52 peaks all around. The trekkers need to pass through some of the different forests, wooden bridges, and some marvelous waterfalls making them a few of the highlights of the trek. It is also said that the villages of the locals are very warm, friendly, and welcoming. The best time to take up this trek is from the month of May to September.

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