Tractor Subsidies in the States of India – Eligibility and Benefits

Tractor Subsidies

Tractors or farm equipment are a very essential part of the farming sector. These machines make farming work effortless and productive. We all know that most farmers are not able to buy farm machines and many other essential things. So they try to take loans.

Tractor Subsidy in the States

Many states provide different plans and schemes for the farmers. In the below section, we are showing some major Indian states which provide plans for farmers. Check out.

  1. Tractor subsidy in Maharashtra

To improve the agriculture sector, Maharashtra state has launched many plans and schemes. The Maharashtra government provides several schemes and plans to encourage the farmers.


  • Applicants must be agricultural persons, and their main occupation should be agriculture.
  • Applicants should be small and marginal farmers.
  • SC/ST farmers are eligible for this scheme.
  • Some self-help farmers groups can also apply for it.
  • The repayment period of the borrowed amount mainly depends upon the purpose of the loan.
  • Farmers should have aadhaar card.

2. Tractor Subsidy in Madhya Pradesh

The MP government mainly provides subsidies for small tractors. These schemes help small and marginal farmers for purchasing farm vehicles of different brands like Mahindra, swaraj, and Indo Farm Tractor.


  • All types of farmers are eligible for this subsidy.
  • Loan repayment period up to 9 years.
  • The scheme can be applicable for tractors up to 35 hp.

3. Tractor Subsidy in Haryana

To encourage the farmers, the government of Haryana has launched the farm mechanization subsidy scheme. According to this scheme, the small and marginal farmers will get a 35% subsidy on the tractors.


  • The applicant should be a resident of the Haryana state.
  • SC/ST farmers can apply for this scheme.
  • Self farmers groups can apply for it.
  • Applicants should follow the landholding requirements decided by the banks.
  • The loan repayment period is 5-9 years.

4. Tractor Subsidy in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan government has launched tractor subsidy schemes and plans.


  • small farmers can apply for the subsidy.
  • The farmer who can use a tractor for commercial purposes or farming purposes can apply for it.
  • The credit score of the applicant should be good enough for the loan.

5. Tractor Subsidy in Telangana

Telangana state always tries to encourage the Indian farmers, it provides different schemes and plans.


  • The small and marginal farmers can apply for the subsidy.
  • The organization is eligible for schemes.

6. Tractor Subsidy in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu administration provides schemes under the agricultural mechanization program. It offers assistance in buying a variety of machines such as paddy transplanter, power tiller and many more.


  • The general and sc/st farmers are eligible for the schemes.
  • It provides 40% – 50% subsidy to farmers.

7. Tractor Subsidy in Kerala

The Kerala government has launched different schemes and plans to improve agriculture growth.


  • Every farmer is eligible for the subsidy.
  • The government provides a 25% subsidy to the farmers.
  • The repayment period is 5-10 years.

General Subsidies for Tractor and Farm Machines

The government of India and the state government launched several schemes and plans for the farmer. These schemes provide help and improve the condition of the farmers plus cover all the segments of farming.

Apart from this, Haryana is the highest agriculture producer in India, accepting modernized machinery to encourage agricultural advancement. These schemes are

Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY)

  • According to this scheme, the government provides a 100% subsidy depending on the ongoing project.
  • It is a state scheme, which states the official committee grants the subsidy after verifying the farmer’s application.
  • The state government made it part of the national agriculture development program.
  • It focuses on agricultural mechanization.

National Food Security Mission (NFSM)

  • NFSM is for improving machinery rather than their buying.
  • This scheme helps to maintain farm machines like a tiller, tractor and many more in good condition, which helps to increase productivity in the field.
  • This scheme is helping many clusters.

Nabard Loans

  • This scheme encourages the farmer to purchase farming machines, like tractors.
  • The government provides 30% subsidy for tractors and 100% for other transport machinery under this scheme.

Subsidies for Specific Machines in India

The farming machines make cultivating work easy and efficient. Most machines come with high costs, which is the biggest problem of farmers. To encourage the farmers, the state government or central government implemented certain ingenuity. Plus provided financial support to buy the machines. The government provided subsidies on many machines like:

  • Tractor
  • Rotavator
  • Laser Land Leveller
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Straw Baler
  • Hey Taker
  • Rotary Slasher
  • Paddy Transplanter
  • DSR machine

Some Aspects of Subsidiary Schemes for Promoting Farm Machineries

  • Facilitate machine purchasing.
  • To adapt to newer and faster machines.
  • Helping to decrease the cost of cultivation
  • Improve the livelihood of the farmers.
  • To ensure timeliness of farming.

These are all about the tractor subsidy. We hope you enjoyed this blog. For more updates related to the Indo Farm tractor and Indo Farm tractor price, stay tuned with us.

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