Top Fashion Trends For Women Expected To Sale More In 2020

A clothing store is a viable investment. However, having top-selling products is vital. This allows customers to come and purchase items they want do your business gets money to keep it going. Fashion trends for women are always changing but fashionista chicks want to stay stylish always. So, you have to stock incredible outfits and accessories to meet this demand. Fortunately, there are online wholesale stores to find quality and trendy clothing for your store.

Fashion trends expected to sale more in 2020

The New Year comes with expectations for everyone including fashion enthusiasts. Store owners have a task to ensure that your customers are always happy whenever they visit your store. This entails knowing the appropriate trending fashion styles demanded by customers. Understanding this is important to grow your sales and to make your store stand out amidst the competition. Some of these trended styles are highlighted below.


Veganism is making a mark in the fashion industry as well. This involves clothing free from animal products of any kind. Although the prospect of vegan clothing seems like a bigger commitment to some people, others are rushing to embrace it. Smart boutique owners have to stock vegan-friendly brands with stylish clothing styles free from silk, wool, fur, exotic skin, or leather.

Eliminate animal fabrics when purchasing wholesale boutique clothing to lower your carbon footprint. This makes your store go green and appeal to green-conscious customers. It is also a wonderful strategy to make your store stand out from the competition. Ensure to shop wholesale clothing from a supplier with animal and environmentally friendly clothing.

Oversized puffy sleeves

Making a comeback from the 18th century, puffy sleeves are expected to take over the fashion scene this year. These are loved for making the waist slimmer making a popular choice for divas. Oversized puffy sleeves give the wearer a feminine touch and are available in various soft colors. Ladies can dress in these a range of outfits with these sleeves. Ensure to stock blouses, sweaters, gowns, and tops with puffy sleeves to make some good cash this year. These are easily paired with traditional and cultural dresses to make a stunning look.

Half and half

Dating back from history, designers today are giving dresses and coats interesting asymmetries. This attire comes as two garments with different colors sliced in the middle and sewn in halved together. Ladies are expected to rock this style more this year with looks including head-to-toe or textural coordinated. Ensure to stock a range of split wear clothing including blazers with black and white or velvet and leather. Ladies looking forward to becoming red carpet queens will definitely flock your store to get these attires.

Biker shorts

Another trend expected to generate more sales in 2020 is biker shorts. People love wearing biker shorts with daily wear making them a favorite for many fashionistas. Additionally, these make a great option for wearing outside the gym. Biker shorts give a simple and sporty look and are worn with anything. These shorts are extremely versatile and available in various colors. Ensure to stock a range of designs and colors to match your customers’ preferences. Options can include:

Neon hues
Solid black
Fun prints
Lace-trim hems
Lace-up fronts
Graphic waistbands

Slouchy oversized blazers

Women today are crazy about the oversized blazers. These are inspired by the 1980’s fashion but still, look trendy. An oversized blazer makes the wearer look and feel mannish. The street style outfit allows making a fashion statement. Any woman gets a sophisticated and edgier look wearing an oversized blazer. Pulling off this amazing look successfully requires attitude and personal confidence. Ensure to stock enough of these for ladies looking forward to drawing everyone’s attention.


Neon highlighted spring 2020 runways in various options including lime green, blaze orange, and Barbie pink. Other options include bright solid neons that are bound to make vibrant hues in fashion this year. People will look forward to adding neon to their wardrobes. Stock some neons in various options to appeal to your range of customers.
Some people think a lot about color for giving them confidence while others are scared of some. Neon blouses and skirts are great to include in your store so customers will find it easy to pick some before leaving your store. This will generate more sales in your store to improve on your bottom line.


Reaping big from the fashion industry this year requires being abreast of trending styles and designs. Adapting these in your clothing store will make you ready to make huge sales from the growing number of fashionistas. These always want to appear trendy and need perfect outfits to match any occasion. Having appropriate and trendy attires will make your store the go-to place for ladies wishing to stay stylish.

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