Top 6 Free Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Use In 2022!

free blogging tools for 2022

Being successful as a blogger in 2022 is no doubt a difficult job if you lack fundamental knowledge of blogging. Choosing the best blogging tools before jumping into the process can save you a lot of both time and work.

Hence, finding the right resources and guidance is essential for every newbie. In order, to give you a kickstart with your blogging journey, we have collected some of the best blogging tools that will help you for free.

1. Questionhub By Google

The Google Questionhub is more like a source of inspiration for new bloggers. For those who have never used this tool before, It is a wide collection of questions that even Google can not answer on a daily basis. According to a recent survey, Google does not have answers for 15% of the questions that people ask around the globe.

These questions do not have answers in form of content indexed in Google. Hence, google allows everyone to go through such queries via Questionhub and submit the URL of the content that relates to a potential answer.

Spending an hour on Questionhub will give you an idea of what you should start writing for getting more organic traffic.

2. Grammarly

The first tool in our list is meant to improve your writing and content quality. In fact, you may be already using it if you are blogging for more than 3 months now. Yes, you are right we are talking about “Grammarly” which is available in a chrome extension and a standalone Grammarly desktop app.

It shows you the content readability and clarity score with the help of emojis. This feature makes it easier to evaluate the content quality of your article.

Not to mention it will also give you suggestions regarding unclear grammar, style consistency errors, and half-finished sentences. In addition, you can use it with most blogging platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, and Medium.

3. Canva

If you’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog but are not sure how to create quality media for it, then Canva is made for you. Doesn’t matter which niche you choose, this amazing multimedia tool will help you in a lot of ways.

In order to create new images on a consistent basis, though, you need blogging tools, as it may quickly come as a tedious task if you’re not used to it. Generally, it may cost you $100 per professional image if you are using some popular platforms like Adobe.

Thankfully Canva is completely free to use with a wide range of attractive resources and images. Especially, if you are working on a Beauty blog, Canva can help you create custom images. You can also add your Blog name on them to make images more appealing for your visitors.

4. Google Search Console

One of the Google services you should be using is Google Search Console. This will provide accurate data about your site, how users are interacting with it, where they are coming from, what keywords are triggering your content to rank well in searches, and the status of crawl errors that need to be fixed.

The great thing is you can get access to all this accurate data for completely free. All you need is a Google account to start measuring your growth metrics with few clicks. You can see what pages are indexing and which keywords are driving traffic to your blog.

5. SEO Plugins

Utilizing the latest SEO plugins on your blog is one of the common practices that bloggers love. Google has changed its algorithm many times, which has changed how people access information. With plugins, you can maintain correct optimization for search engines.

Therefore, your blog is both found easier by searchers and it moves up in ranking through consistent use of these tools. With that said, you can choose from Rankmath or Yoast SEO which is two of the best SEO plugins you can find for free. Hence, make sure to install and use them if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform.

6. Google Analytics

Did you know that every blog has a Google Analytics account and number, and you can log in and view the statistics? But many first-time bloggers don’t realize how important it is to understand what these statistics mean. They likely don’t know what the metrics represent or should be looking for.

However, it is essential for every new blogger to understand how this data can help him/her in improvising the overall content quality. It may seem similar to the Google search console but Google analytics is particularly targeted towards your visitor count and traffic-related information.

It will help you decide which content is performing well and what type of content you should create in the future.

Final Thoughts

The market is flooded with various types of blogging tools. Creating a competitive environment among the top companies like Semrush vs Raven tools. Due to a lot of available options, newcomers often end up making the wrong choices. Either because the tool is available at a cheap price or misleading promotional content.

In conclusion, limiting yourself to free blogging tools in the initial phase of blogging is a wise choice. As we discussed previously, there are tons of blogging tools available that are completely free to use. Later you can upgrade to the paid ones when you need better services. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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