Top 5 reasons to move to North Carolina next year

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If you are thinking about moving to North Carolina then you’ve come to the right place! There are plenty of reasons why this state is a perfect choice. From affordable living costs and housing to a top education and an amazing lifestyle, North Carolina has it all. Here are the top 5 reasons for you to move to North Carolina next year!

#1 The cost of living

Overall, North Carolina is very affordable. Durham and Raleigh offer very affordable housing at average pricing compared to the rest of the US. With the amazing educational opportunities, a rising technology scene, and a booming healthcare sector, the economy in North Carolina is strong. Another great thing is that the cost of living is lower than average. It means that things like grocery, utilities, transportation and housing are more affordable. The cost of living in Raleigh or Charlotte for example is up to 5% below the national average. Another great benefit is lower tax rates!

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North Carolina is very affordable. You can have amazing life quality without breaking the bank.

#2 Affordable housing as one of the reasons to move to North Carolina next year

The median home cost in North Carolina starts at around $187,000. You will not have any trouble finding a perfect home that fits all of the criteria and stays within the budget. You will probably save up and be able to do some home improvement if necessary! Whether you’re looking for an apartment, a townhouse, a  modern home, or a ranch house, North Carolina has it all. When it comes to picking up a neighborhood that will best suit you, you don’t have to worry about that You want a more family-friendly environment? No problem. Or maybe you want to be in the heart of the city or a more trend area? North Carolina has that one too. Bottom line – you’ll find the neighborhood that best suits you with ease.

#3 Job opportunities

The Silicon Valley of the South is home to many top businesses such as Quintiles, LabCorp, BB&T, and Hanes. Their headquarters are set up in North Carolina. The leading employers in the state are part of industries like manufacturing, energy and biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. The city of Charlotte has become a financial hub drawing more and more IT businesses lately. The Research Triangle Park, named after the three major research universities in Durham, Raleigh, and, Chapel Hill hosts more than 170 companies too! With the state’s booming economy and steady job market, you do not have to worry about finding a job here!

#4 Lifestyle and nature

There’s so much to do in North Carolina. You can enjoy live music and visit performing arts venues that offer symphonies, dance, theater, jazz, and more. North Carolina is a great place to live if you like spending time outdoors. The residents here can enjoy, kayaking, trail running, paddle boarding, rafting, biking, and rock climbing in the mountains! You can also visit Whitewater Falls, one of the highest waterfalls on the entire east coast! In case you prefer beach and sand, you should head to the Outer Banks for Atlantic Ocean fun! You can spend some time fishing and boating in many of the state’s gorgeous lakes. North Carolina is also a very sporty state. It has teams that are competing in the NHL, the NBA, and the NFL. It’s also home to both a NASCAR and the sports Hall of Fame!

A river in North Carolina - nature is one of the top 5 reasons to move to North Carolina next year

North Carolina is a perfect place to live if you like nature.

#5 High-class education as the final reason to move to North Carolina next year

North Carolina is home to Duke, one of the best research universities in the country. It’s also home to the oldest state university in the country, The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. There are also Davidson or Elon, a perfect choice for those who want a smaller liberal arts college. The quality of public schools is top-notch. Many of the public schools here are highly ranked nationally. The Chapel Hill-Carrboro City schools are considered one of the state’s best.

Moving to North Carolina

Let’s say these 5 reasons were enough to convince you. After finding a perfect neighborhood and home, the next step is to relocate and move all of your goods. In order to do it the right way, you have to start the preparations early. Sometimes even months in advance. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your move to North Carolina!

Packing and transport

Packing and transportation are some of the biggest parts of any relocation process. The way you do this will have an impact on everything. If you do not pack your belongings properly, they could end up being damaged during transport. This is why you need to get strong boxes and/or plastic bins in order to protect your items. Make sure to label the boxes and bins. When it comes to transportation, make sure to load all of your possessions carefully. Pack the heaviest boxes and bins first and leave the light ones last.

A team of movers putting stuff into a truck
Let the team of professional movers help you out and make your relocation simple and easy!

Storage units in North Carolina

In case you end up with items you can’t bring with you or simply do not have space in your new home, then storage is the great solution. Renting out a storage unit means you’ll get a secure place for excess items. Luckily, you have plenty of options when it comes to storage units. You can rent them both short and long term. Nowadays you can even get storage where you can adjust the temperature the way you prefer! Your items will be safe and sound!

Hiring professional movers

People tend to underestimate how hard and exhausting relocation can be. This is why seeking professional assistance is a great idea. You can lean on a team of professionals to help you out every step of the way with your move. They will be by your side and help you with everything you need and make your moving process simple and easy! Do your research and make sure to find a reliable moving company to help you with this endeavor.

There are plenty of reasons to move to North Carolina next year. Hopefully, we’ve made a convincing case towards it. Good luck with your relocation!

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