Thanksgiving Games to Double Up the Festivity

Thanksgiving is all about cold air blowing in your hair, crisp leaves, colours of fall and a season of nothing but gratitude! It’s a blissful festival where you come together with your friends and family, laugh & eat with them and be thankful for the blessings in your life. All the meals, presents, decorations, and the chirpy giggles in a get together make you realize how beautiful life is. This big day is all about fun and joy! Talking about fun, a lot of people arrange game nights in their spaces to make this event a little more enjoyable. And, it’s a great idea if you too are looking for some activities to carry out that day or online. We’ve got you a bunch of fantastic family games for Thanksgiving that would keep you all entertained.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is a game everyone has played at least once in their lifetime! And if not, this is just the right time to bring it on. Thanksgiving Bingo is an awesome game to include in your festive party. All you have to do is print a bunch of bingo cards according to the number of guests invited to the party, or you can also buy them ready-made. Give your guests the cards, and one person takes the responsibility of drawing cards. Each time a card is drawn and shown to the players, they mark that specific thing if they have it on their bingo cards. As soon as a player gets five in a row, they call it a bingo and win! Now, to give this game a festive feel, you can use some thanksgiving inspired miniatures to mark on the cards. You can also use some edibles such as chocolates and other things for it.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

How about getting your whole family to hunt down the festive presents you bought for them? Thanksgiving scavenger hunt will definitely get everyone moving across the house in search of clues. First, make teams who will compete against each other in searching for the gifts. Write down clues on paper and hide them in different corners of the house, each one of them leading to the other. All the hints, in the end, will take the teams to their ultimate presents. You can note down the time of both the teams and reward the winning one with an extra gift!
What else you need to focus on for this are the presents you will buy for your loved ones! Get an idea about what everyone is fond of. It can be a beautiful dress, a classic timepiece, a decorative item, a book and even a snack they love. Go all in to make this day unforgettable for them, but make sure that you don’t go broke while doing that. For that, you can always latch on to the Thanksgiving discount codes and get concessions on all your shopping.

Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe

We’ve all been in those boring classrooms, sitting on the last benches, playing tic-tac-toe on the back of our notebooks! It’s one of the fondest memories of school back in time. Well, instead of playing it on the back of books, let’s play it in full form this festive season. Thanksgiving tic-tac-toe is a real thing played widely by families and friends in the big day gatherings. Just get some printouts of the pretty grid boxes and let the rivalries barge in between teams. If you want to make it a bit fancier and more relevant to the holiday season, use interesting stuff to mark on the grids. You can fetch some mini pumpkins, yellow leaves, little toy turkeys, feathers and more to do the task.

Turkey Tag

Turkey tag is an extremely fun game to play with everybody in the house. Be it kids or adults, we bet each one of your guests will be having the time of their lives running all around. Prepare some tags with colourful feathers and painted clothe pins for people who’re going to play. Attach two pins to everyone’s clothes and yell “run turkey run” on the count of three. All the players will then run around to take off the tags from others’ clothes. The one with the most pins attached in the end will be the winner. You can keep a winning prize to amp up the feels as well!

Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle

While your turkey slowly roasts in the oven and the house simmers in the heavenly aroma of pumpkin pies, jigsaw puzzles are a great idea to keep everyone busy! Get a bunch of puzzles with landscape pictures or those related to the season of fall to make it tie in with the festival. You can give it a shape of a puzzle match between groups or individuals. All in all, it’s a pleasant way to spend time together and bond better!

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