Thailand Tour Guide: Experience a Rich Thai Culture with Utazzo

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With a rich culture, yummy food, party hot-spots, lush mountains, and stunning beaches, Thailand tour must be on every tourist’s bucket list! Thailand is a country that attracts both tourists with luxurious taste and backpackers on a budget. This gem of Southeast Asia is famous for short vacations, a place for expats, gap year tours, and Digital Nomads alike to call house.

From the rice paddies of Chiang Mai to the Grand Palace, the diversity of adventure and culture of Thailand combine to be an ideal mixture for the first-time travellers of nature or those who want to indulge more intensely. Thailand alongside its natural landscapes and extending cities never cease to mesmerize from the jungles of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai where waterfalls become perfect swimming spots because evergreen forests rule the mountainous horizon all when oceans and golden beaches sustain some of the most unique and pristine marine life of Thailand.

A Thailand package has it all from the limitless opportunity for adventure-seekers, exotic cuisines for foodies, and some of the friendliest locales in the world. So, what more could you think about it?

Thailand Tour Guide

In case you are planning for a Thailand tour, ensure to read up the following information in this Thailand tour guide before you go!

1. Essential Info Regarding Thailand

Here is the basic info regarding Thailand tour before you go for a Tourist package for Thailand:

  • Capital – Bangkok
  • Currency – Thai Baht
  • Language – Thai
  • Religion – Buddhism

2. Best Time to Visit Thailand

In case you will travel the entire country from south to north, you are recommended traveling between the months of December and February for nice weather and picturesque clear blue sky. From January to February, there is much less rain across the nation and temperatures stay constant across the year. Moreover, the humidity is feasible. In case you are visiting the northern part of Thailand at this time of year, you may find the weather little chilly at night; so don’t forget to bring a sweater with you.

Want to avoid busy times, i.e. from November to March? Then, consider booking a Thailand package to travel around from March to October when its low season. This time you will find less number of travellers and flight tickets and hotels are cheaper as well. This is the time when the nation experiences a lot of rainfall and humidity, but if you don’t have issues getting a little wet, it’s a great time for a Thailand tour.

Avoid visiting Chiang Mai in April due to the scorching heat. It’s not a comfortable time to visit the place due to the bad air quality that results in difficulty breathing of tourists. If you are an asthma patient, avoid this burning season completely.

3. Major Travel Experiences in a Thailand Tour

Elephant Sanctuary

Spending time with elephants must be added to your Thailand package itinerary when you plan for a Thailand tour. But be very cautious while selecting an elephant experience and don’t ever ride them.

Scuba Diving

Want to enjoy scuba diving? Thailand is the best place to do it. Here, highly qualified trainers offer courses for diving. If you are already trained, the dives will become cheap.

Thai Cooking Class

Thai cuisine is sometimes considered one of the best in the world. Want to learn to make your favourite Thai dishes? Join a cooking class in this country, especially in Chiang Mai.

Monk Chats

You will find lots of monks in Thailand. If you want to learn more about Buddhism and monks’ lifestyles, head along to a Monk Chat. Sit down with the monks and ask them your queries. In Chiang Mai, there are four different temples. Some of them offer meditation for the day and a meal for a small fee.

Meditation/Yoga Retreat

Learning yoga or meditation with monks while surrounded by the lush mountains of northern Thailand is an encounter that completely changes your life and it will be one of the best highlights of your Thailand package.

Thai Massage

After a day of exploration, you will feel better if you indulge in a Thai massage. In a Thai spa, you will get pampered without spending luck. Prices are not the same in every spa as it depends on the location you choose.

4. Topmost Places to Visit in Thailand

In this huge, diverse and interesting country, there are several places to explore when you book a tourist package for Thailand from Utazzo. Here, find a few listed below:

Isaan Province

While maximum travellers stay on a similar longitude at the time of travelling around Thailand, people who want to have a genuine experience, go for the Isaan Province in northern Thailand. Here you will experience the friendliest people in the country, stunning landscapes, and villages that remain unchanged in hundreds of years.

The Mekong River Valley

The Mekong River flows along the border of neighbouring Laos and Thailand. Albeit not very much visited by travellers, the scope of exploring ancient Thailand is a must with old temples, ever-friendly Thai smiles, and waterfalls.


Phuket, the most popular place added to a tourist package for Thailand, is shrouded in cocktail bars, golden beaches, and palm trees. It’s a tropical paradise on the Thai Peninsula.


A Thailand tour will not be complete without visiting Bangkok, the most fascinating city in the country. From the backpacker hotspot Khao San Road to the food hotspots in Chinatown and the historical attractions like the Grand Palace, the city will never make you feel bored.

Chiang Mai

Known as the Roses of the North, Chiang Mai is popular for canal surrounding its ancient town section, while historic sites become common on each corner you take.

Want To Plan A Thailand Tour?

So, this is a brief Thailand tour guide for people who look for a tourist package for Thailand from Utazzo. Contact Utazzo right away in case you want to get a cost-effective Thailand package along with high-end travel services.

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