Stamping: know the pros and cons of each technique

Stamping: know the pros and cons

Stamping. I would like to tell you friend reader. That you work with clothing. You must have noticed the importance of offering a quality product.Friendly reader, we need to be differentiated. An original piece, it becomes much easier to fidelize its consumers. My dear reader, we need to be recognized on the market.

Do you want to please the most varied public? The confection of a personalized evangelica t-shirt has been an excellent alternative for those who want to please the most varied public. But after all. Do you know how to choose the best stamping technique for your business?

At this moment, it will be necessary to consider some important factors. Quality, durability and sharpness of the image on the fabric. Do you want to find out all the details about it? In this article I show you the pros and cons of each technique. Check them out!


Stamping. I affirm that serigraphy is one of the best known procedures when it comes to printing prints. Called by many as silk screen, the technique uses special screens with the specific cutout for each drawing you want to print. The fabric is placed on a board in the application of the image. The pigment is mirrored by the surface then

For each color present in the print, it is necessary to use a different canvas. Unfortunately, this detail makes the process take longer and with high value.

The advantage is that the material has an excellent quality and resistance. In vivid, metallic or fluorescent shades the engraving can be done. Be it on light or dark fabrics.


Stamping. The transfer consists of transferring an image from the paper to the t-shirt fabric. Or any other piece of your preference. The heated thermal press, makes the process carried out. Being with the image already scanned on a special paper for this technique. The fabric is placed in the machine and when it comes into contact with the heat, the ink is released and engraved on the piece.

This procedure is fast, practical, offers low cost and the image can be printed in various colors and sizes. The technique is more indicated for fabrics produced in cotton and should be avoided in dark pieces. For these situations, it is recommended the option of Transfer WOW – exclusive for laser printers.

One of the negative points, is that after the application, the fabric tends to get thick in the printed region, leaving the material warmer and less comfortable than the other options.


Stamping. Following the same line as the transfer, sublimation can transfer any figure to the tissue. The difference is that this process does not make use of canvas and the drawing is printed on a specific paper and with sublimation ink. Then, the image, together with the shirt, is pressed at high temperature causing the pigment to penetrate the fiber of the fabric.

The advantage is that the result is much sharper, full of details, without the limitation of colors, offers long durability and the pace of production is agile.
On the other hand, the method does not fit very well on dark fabrics, since there is no white ink for this procedure. Indicated for pieces produced in synthetic fabrics, such as polyester. This is a disadvantage of sublimation

Digital Silk

Stamping. This is the most modern technique today. With digital silk, you will have more ease and excellent quality for your prints. Through a printer with jet ink, the image is applied. As if the fabric were the sheet of paper itself.

Digital process in the preparation of the design to the finish of the print. The attraction of this option is that you can print pieces in different shades, and create images in various sizes and colors, such as gold and silver.

I recommend that you use 100% cotton pieces, so that the image quality is even better. It is even one of the most durable techniques in relation to image wear. Compared to other methods, unfortunately this procedure is the most expensive. Which of these stamping techniques caught your attention the most?

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Now that you know the pros and cons of stamping.

Let’s get our hands dirty. Make some customizations and have your particular success

I hope I have spent a bit of my experience in the art of stamping.

Dear reader, you can make successful impressions. Own your own business.

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