Simple Tips of Vastu for your New Home

Simple vastu tips for new home

Everything in the universe has a level of energy and to redirect this energy into your house in a positive way is what Vastu Shastra deals with. The complete Universe is filled with both types of energies, positive and negative. Practicing Vastu deals with enhancing the forces of Positive energies. This will make the aura around you completely positive.

The benefits of following the Vastu practices are as follows:

  • Career Stability
  •  Improving Relationships
  • Academic Growth
  • Increasing Financial Prosperity
  • Maintaining good Physical and Mental Health

And there are many other direct and indirect factors that will benefit you in living a happy and wealthy life. According to Vastu Shastra, the complete universe is made up of five elements. These elements are as follows:

  1. Air
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Earth
  5. Space

Several people, who move out of their permanent homes due to job reasons, always have this question, that How can they apply Vastu Practices in their new home?

It is confirmed that they haven’t built their houses and they are going to live there for a while and again after their job is completed they are going to move back to their natives. Or in some cases, they can be transferred elsewhere.

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But don’t you worry these Vastu Practices are simple and will not cost you much, and even you can carry them with you to your next destination.

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Because if you move to your new safe and without any mishaps, then only you can think of doing something else.

So let’s come back to our main topic of today and let us know about some of these Vastu Practices that will benefit you.

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1. Vastu Tips for Academic Growth

  • Place the study table in the north or east direction of your room or the study room, it will increase concentration and will help you study more focus.
  • You should place the study table at a distance from the wall to ensure the complete flow of energy.
  • Place the bookshelf in the north, east, or north-east of the room.
  • Make sure that there is no reflection of the books in the mirror, it will increase the pressure of the studies on the student.
  • A well-lit table lamp must be placed on the southeast corner of the table, it will attract more luck in the education.

2. Vastu Tips for Good Health

  • Growing citrus fruit plants and placing them at the entrance will attract good health for the family members. If it is not possible to grow plants then you can also place imitation plants. It will also work for you.
  • If you are unwell or anyone in your house is not well place a burning candle in their/your room, it will help them to recover more fastly.
  • If your bathroom and kitchen are opposite each other make sure the doors are always closed. 
  • Sleep with your head towards the south, it will ensure good health.
  • The center of the house must be empty or filled with very light furniture, it ensures the free flow of energy in the complete house.

3. Vastu Tips for Financial Prosperity

  • Keep the main door of your house clean and decorated. Because it is the entry point of energies in the house. This trick will help in attracting more wealth to your house.
  • Placing the mirror right in front of your cash locker will attract wealth. It is said that this technique will help in making your money double.
  • Keep the water bodies in your house in the northeast direction. If you don’t have it in the northeast direction, then you can place a fancy bowl with water in it and put a one rupee coin, it will also do the work. But remember you have to change the water of the bowl every week. You can also place a water fountain or a waterbody piece in that direction.
  • Having a bird feeder in the northwestern part of the house will also work for attracting wealth.
  • To avoid any financial or wealth-related problems, make sure to repair all the leaky faucets, taps, and any other faulty plumbing.

4. Some General Vastu Tips to Follow in your house

  • Placing a wind chime and with crystals in the bedroom will improve your relationships with family members.
  • Pictures depicting any kind of violence must not be placed in the house, as it attracts negative energy.
  • Always clean the cobwebs, as soon as you see them, it halts the financial growth of the family.
  • Place a Tulsi plant in the North-East direction of the house, it filters the negative energy into the positive energy. 
  • Remove or fix any non-working clocks in the house.
  • Place a Lord Kubera idol, in the north direction of your house, as it will help you in finding a job easily.
  • Spiral staircases always attract negative energy, so avoid them.
  • Do not place a cactus plant inside the house. It will always attract negative energy and will increase family tensions and disputes.
  • Do not place the mirrors in front of the beds. As it will reflect the sleeping person which will always create health problems for them.
  • For ultimate good health face your head towards the North-East or East while drinking water.
  • Windchimes at the entrances of the house will attract wealth.


Practicing Vastu will ensure the flow of positive energy in your house and will definitely change the way you live. But you have to believe in the practices for better results.

Moreover, you don’t have to tell everyone that you are following the Vastu practices at home. Otherwise, it will make less impact and the flow of energy will also be less. Planting money plants in your house in purple is one of the most common and best practices of Vastu. 

Also, if you are following Vastu, then do it in an above-mentioned manner, because it sometimes has negative impacts, if you don’t follow the rules in the right manner. A

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