Should You Pay for Extra 9s in Cloud Storage Durability?

Cloud storage is now used by almost every enterprise, from small to large, to store their important data. It enables users to work on a project that requires collaboration and cross-platform support. However, not even the biggest service providers offer cloud storage with immunity to data loss and corruption.

Durability is the aspect that deals with the integrity of data stored in cloud storage. It is important as people often reach direct lenders in the UK for investing in a cloud storage with higher durability measurement.

Here are the basics of Cloud Durability to help you decide whether it is worth spending extra money.  

What is Cloud Durability?

Cloud durability is the ability of these storage spaces to keep your data intact and consistent. It measures how secure the data is to any mishap such as drive failures, bit rot, and corruption. It provides you with an idea of risk associated with a certain service provider.

Data loss and data corruption are the two reasons for the loss of important files and other media. Here we have explained both the terms to give you a deeper understanding of the importance of cloud durability.

Data Loss

Data loss is the situation when the data is forever gone because of some human error, malicious actions, and some disaster. It can happen to any type of device, from USB drives to cloud storages. Also, there is no space completely safe where you cannot lose data.

At a personal level, you can place the computer and storage device away from environmental hazards and water sources. Crisis such as fire, accidental deletion, and thefts also needs to be considered while selecting a space.

For the cloud storages, the data centre is managed by professionals that take good care of the protection. The facility is on locations that seem the safest in terms of environmental hazards. You can expect surveillance cameras, controlled access, and well-maintained infrastructure inside these facilities.

Data Corruption

The traditional hard drives degrade over time which can cause data corruption. The data or the whole hard drive can get corrupted, and users can lose  important data. You cannot rely on the operating systems to prevent data corruption with their data handling operations.

Since it is impossible to make a system immune to data corruption, you need continuous checks to increase its safety. The data stored in cloud storages go through constant monitoring of changes made to them. Any error encountered is repaired automatically.

How Is Durability Measured?

Cloud storage provider express durability in terms of 9s as its annual percentage. Let us take the example of a company that offers 12 nines of durability. It will be expressed as 99.9999999999%.

The above number means there is only 0.0000000001% of your data is at risk of loss or corruption, while the remaining will be intact. You can expect this number to up to 16 nines, offered by Azure.

How to Maintain Cloud Durability?

There are two techniques commonly used by cloud service providers to maintain data durability. The first one is software algorithms, while the other is redundancy. You can expect the service giants use a combination of both the techniques.

The software algorithm technique uses checksums to encounter any type of data corruption. Once identified, it runs the healing algorithm to recover the data. Reed-Solomon coding and erasure coding are two prime examples of these algorithms.

Redundancy is a method that uses multiple copies of the same data to protect its integrity. These copies are stored at different locations to further increase the protection against corruption. The chances of survival increase exponentially with each copy added to the database.

What Files are Suitable for Lower Durability?

Not every time an organisation with enormous data avail the services of cloud storages. Small businesses, students, and independent professionals make a significant user base for these services. However, their data requirement is way much lower than these big firms.

If you need storage in gigabytes or even a few terabytes, you better not think durability as deciding factor. You might lose a few bytes, which seem insignificant in today’s world.

Instead, you can take some good care yourself of the data to prevent loss and corruption. Create backup and multiple copies of every piece of important information. Make sure the copies are stored at different locations. However, you can take instant loans for students and professionals to pay for a durable cloud service.

Is it Worth Spending Extra on Durability?

In short, the answer is no. The whole concept of its importance is created by these giant service providers to confuse the buyers. Your data is at minimal risk of corruption in the majority of these cases. However, the risk is always there no matter how low it is.

To sum up, durability is a critical aspect of the enormous data provided by the businesses to service providers. Others can invest the same money in more storage space than durability.

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