School Parent Apps – A Way to Boost Communication between Teacher and Parent

School Parent Apps

No matter in which class your ward is studying, parents always want to know the information about the various activities happening on the school campus. They try different sources like asking their wards, other parents, teachers. But if they do not get the complete information they want, their trust level goes on the decrease. It will impact the communication between the school and parents. Communication between parents and school is an important factor for the institute’s growth. 

Vidyalaya understands the significant role of parent-teacher communication and will redefine the way it is with its school apps. The education software provider company believes in communication and focuses on the enhancement of it. The advanced features are perfect for new-age parents and educational institutes as both are on the way to new ways of communication.

Effective parent-teacher communication has several benefits like:

  • The primary benefit tells that parents can get ideas about their child’s progress, not only the academic but also the emotional and social needs.
  • The interaction will help parents to know what is happening inside the classroom and be an active part of the child’s education journey.
  • With effective communication, consistency inside the school campus and at home can be maintained that will enrich the personal, social, and academic development of the student.
  • The triangular relationship between parent, teacher, and the student will help the child to grow in all directions and keep everyone on the same page.  

What are school parent apps?

The school-parent apps are the application, mostly preferred mobile-based facilitates the parents and keep them informed about every update happening in the school like tests, exam dates, report card declaration, event information, fee schedule, and much others. These school apps will help the parents to be in the loop and get and track their ward’s progress and have a word about it with concerned teachers. 

Why there is a need for school mobile apps for parent-teacher communication?

As everyone now moving towards digitalization, the educational sector is also evolving. The PTMs are now happening online while classes are conducted virtually. So, the school mobile apps are becoming a useful tool through which parents can get connected to the school teachers anytime, anywhere.

Here are the plus points of these apps that will highlight why educational institutes are demanding a dedicated school parent app:

  • Better communication and strategies
  • Inform about fee payments
  • Attendance reports and event notifications
  • Connect with teacher irrespective of location and time barriers

Communication being the key of each activity, educational institutes focus on improving it. Parents of today’s age are busy in their hectic routine that they hardly find time to sneak into the ward’s academic life. But as a parent they need to have all information about important updates like exam timetable, grades obtained, event information, and others. In that case, dedicated school mobile apps can come to relax them as they are free to access the desired information from anywhere, anytime. The ease of accessing information through these apps is certainly luring new-age parents to install them on their mobile. 

Vidyalaya’s thorough research and analysis experts will understand the needs and pour the gathered information into designing and yield outstanding products such that their school apps are the first thing in the mind of all stakeholders. The experts not only focus on business procedures but also consider the level of users who will handle the system. 

The easy dashboard will give a collaborative overview of all communication activities between parents and the other stakeholders. The single ecosystem will serve as a perfect communication medium so that parents can have effective communication with all stakeholders like other parents, students, school staff. All these communications are supervised under school administration so there is no risk of poor security and vulnerabilities to privacy. 

 Benefits of school parent apps as a communication medium

Communication between parents and teachers need not be limited to academic details exchange but it can set a ground for interactive ideas, creative concepts discussions that will help all children to grow better.  Dedicated platforms availed through school parent apps will surely help parents to have a welcoming and highly effective environment. Here are some benefits of them for improving communication:

  • Get control over communication

Being the host, the school administration has total control over the communication happening through the school parent apps. With these apps, they can create a secure and privacy-oriented communication platform that will boost ideas, feedback sharing.

  • Better engagement of parents

When parents and teachers are in one team, the output is excellent. Ideas shared by parents and teachers in collaboration will improve the performance of the student. Additionally, when ideas from parents are welcomed, they feel privileged and motivated and the relationship between parent and teacher improves.  All these will help to improve parent engagement.

  • Get instant access to parents

There may some situations where the school administration wants to get connected instantly to the parents. Connecting each parent on an individual basis is not the practical option, so the school mobile apps will help to contact on a single platform where school management can connect with all parents at the same time. Even one-to-one parent discussions are also possible without restricting them for location barriers. 

  • Improved student engagement in the classroom

When students know that their parents are active part of their academic journey and know everything that happens inside the campus, they tend to have better engagement in the classroom. This improved engagement can lead to better academic success and improve the student-parent-teacher relationship.

The role of parents is no more limited to paying fees and attending parent-teacher meetings. Parents are more active and eager to be an active part of their ward’s academic journey. So, dedicated school parent apps are more in demand in the educational sector. Vidyalaya recognizes this new trend and approaches with an app that will perfectly satisfy the new-age parents’ needs. Let Vidyalaya’s new venture bridges the communication gaps if any between your educational institute and parents and start the new interactive era of communication. 

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