Reasons Why You Should use Alumni Management System for Education Institute

school alumni management system

When parents decide to zero down an educational institute for their kids, parents demand the broachers so that they can get an idea about who are the passing students, at what grades they passed out, at what positions they have reached now.  The alumni list flaunting in the school or college broachers is one of the things that educational institutes can be the boast of. These alumni are the legacy runners of your values, discipline, and standard of education. Parents always want to see their children have an idea in front of them, so if you have good alumni networking, the chances of increasing applications for admissions can be increased.

Vidyalaya launches an exceptional product for the school alumni management system so that educational institutes can be in touch with their ex-students even after they have passed out. A dedicated system for this can bring significant change in the entire record management process. Many institutes’ management may think of why to waste the money as it is not one of the core processes required in school management. But, if you look at the benefits of having backed by a strong alumni network, you will definitely consider it as an apt investment. 

Here are the reasons that will highlight why education institutes should use a dedicated school alumni management software rather than relying on a manual/spreadsheet.

Better networking of professional contacts

After completing the course of study, students get placed at various positions across the globe. Even after getting busy in their hectic professional life, they want to have a connection with the place where they have spent most of their academic time. Getting connected over social media have limitations like no privacy, searching for batchmates, and many others. 

Vidyalaya’s school alumni management software is the best option that will provide a common platform to get connected irrespective of year of passing, course of study, location. The online forum, chat sessions, webinars, integrated with the software can be a great source to share job positing, vacancy information, latest updates in the professional world. 

Promote your institute brand across the global platform

Alumni are generally spread across the globe to serve their professional commitments. With the help of the school alumni management system, the educational institute can make better marketing strategies as they have a common platform accessed by a number of students who thoroughly know the values and culture of the institute. 

With the help of an integrated mailing list, schools or colleges can practice email marketing tactics to pitch the upcoming events, missions.  The system also has auto-send notifications of events, or send invitations via access links features so that system can cater to everyone’s needs. The scalability and fully functional features will make the system stand out from the competitors. Vidyalaya also understands the importance of social media in today’s age, so integration with it will enable the management to design social media-based activities to reach maximum audiences. 

Easier fundraising with online payment

Many institutes depend upon their ex-students for the extra income raised through fundraising campaigns, donations, sponsorships. As alumni are staying at different locations, they can donate the money through the online payment system. 

Vidyalaya facilitates alumni to transfer money with the help of a secured online payment system. The payment gateway integration with the school alumni management software is error-free and makes the money transaction, a work of a few clicks.  Also, maintaining detailed reports of every transaction and donation history will help the management to bring transparency to the entire system. 

Exchange of information and values that can build a better future

Alumni have proceeded in their respective life on the solid foundation of values and culture that the educational institute has given to them. Every school contributes to a major share in the progress of the individual. When current students meet their seniors who are already been holding better positions, they can get inspiration from them.

Vidyalaya will facilitate the alumni to share their struggles, how they proceed and become successful, thoughts, preparation tips on the common platform of the school alumni management system. The chatrooms, online forums, groups provisions are offered by the system to improve the interaction. These interactions will have a practical and realistic base so current students can find them beneficial from their future points of view.

Increase the placement rates through alumni networking

Yesteryear’s students can become great recruiters after achieving respectful designations in their organizations. As they can have a special bond with their own institute, they can give preference for conducting recruitment drives or direct-hire the new talent. Incorporate culture can be ideal for the newcomers so their management can also ask for the same talents if they are looking for. Alumni connected with the school management can contact for sending proposals for recruitment drives, placement, or walk-in if they are well-connected. 

Vidyalaya will cherish this bond and keep the educational institute always in touch with their students after passing out from the institute. The organized structure of the students’ records can also help the organizers to inform the students in a single shot. Higher placement rates can turn out to be key for increasing admission rates. So, installing a fully operational school alumni management software is always the best and fruitful decision. 

Alumni are truly valuable assets for the educational institute as they are the brand ambassadors in the external world. A solid alumni network can help the institute to step up the success ladder fast. Although the participation is voluntary, pitching and representing the benefits can boost alumni participation. A tailor-made school Campus management system can help the institute stay connected and expand its networking through them. Let Vidyalaya be your networking partner in this journey. 

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