Reason of Ford F-150 Transmission Failure

The proposed guarantee targets 10-speed transmission issues in F-150s made someplace in the scope of 2017 and 2020. Drivers report encountering issues controlling their trucks because of unforgiving stuff shifts. A couple of drivers ensured that the shocking was so horrendous it gave them whiplash.

The transmission liable for this enormous number of issues is the 10-speed 10R80 customized. The 10R80 engages the engine to skip gears, which assembles eco-cordiality. Regardless, when the stuff skipping features misfires, it can cause the eccentric moving at the foundation of the Ford F-150 case.

This case isn’t at whatever point Ford initially has expected to oversee transmission issues in the F-150. The association expected to audit more than 1 million trucks made someplace in the scope of 2011 and 2013 considering transmission issues.

Low Fluid/Bad Fluid

Low transmission fluid is the most generally perceived clarification that your Ford F150’s transmission will overheat under standard action. The fluid that is left should work much harder. The compulsive worker conducting transmission fluid will overheat and lose its ability to cool the transmission quickly, which simply exacerbates the issue.

In the event that the transmission fluid is late for a change it may have lost its ability to fittingly cool the transmission. Checking out the overshadowing and remaining with Ford’s transmission support plan is fundamental to long transmission life.


Slipping is a condition that happens when your F150’s motor fires up higher than expected as the transmission’s inside parts neglect to move the energy to the driveshaft(s). An overheating transmission is the most widely recognized justification for why a transmission will slip.

Consumed or Dirty Transmission Fluid

On the off chance that the transmission liquid looks filthy or consumed, it ought to be changed immediately. This means that the transmission might have overheated eventually. The liquid can at this point don’t take care of its business the manner in which it could when it was new (higher temps, prone to slip).


Outrageous hotness can test your F150’s cooling framework. At the point when it’s truly hot out it makes your transmission liquid hotness up and separate quicker than in ordinary conditions. Continuously utilize the liquid suggested by Ford.

Weighty Use

Unpredictable traffic in the city, or run and firearm type conveyance work will make a programmed transmission work more diligently than typical, this can make it overheat. Try to watch out for the liquid and get a cooler if necessary.

Cooling System Issues

Programmed transmission liquid is cooled through the very radiator that the radiator fluid goes through. Assuming something is off about the radiator, it won’t as expected cool the transmission liquid.

Assuming your programmed transmission has been overheating, investigate the front of the radiator and ensure that it is spotless and liberated from enormous trash (think plastic basic food item sacks). It just requires a second and can save you a great deal of time.

Hard Shifting

Hard moving is the most widely recognized transmission issue that drivers report some difficulty changing between gears. This hard moving may happen when you haven’t changed the transmission liquid at the time stretch. Low transmission liquid lessens the vehicle’s capacity to move. At the point when a transmission shows signs, then, at that point, it ought to be taken to the transmission master and expert fix administration as quickly as time permits to try not to cause genuine harm.

Solenoid Issues

Transmissions are loaded with solenoids. Solenoids control the movements by managing the transmission liquid/pressure. They additionally let transmission liquid in. Assuming a solenoid is misbehaving, you might get the check motor light, and the transmission will overheat. This is expected to be a lot of liquid in the transmission container, however insufficient to go where it needs to go in the actual transmission.

Issue With The Battery Connection

The eroded battery terminals can cause transmission issues. Turning over the motor requires more power than changing gears. These broken associations make great contact when a tremendous burden is applied to the circuit. The additional current is needed to move beyond the obstruction, giving adequate ability to turn over the motors. 

And furthermore, a modest quantity of current is expected to work transmission solenoids, which isn’t in every case enough to push opposition. This results in helpless transmission execution and disappointments.


The Ford F-150 got numerous grievances about its transmission issues while moving. A portion of these objections is about the unexpected movements, insufficient control, and a few vibrations during shifts. It influences your vehicle parts additionally and diminishes its exhibition. In this article, we have examined the most widely recognized portage transmission issues. It includes low transmission liquid, battery associations, and brake liquid spillage. You can forestall these issues by fixing your transmission with a specialist and expert mechanical engineer.

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