Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales Pricing Might Just Be The Answer To Your Woes

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Sales can be hard. Job wise, the profile often turns out to be your biggest nightmare. Hard to find leads, tough to convert prospects, getting payments processed and putting in the extra yard to retain those customers for a longer term are tasks always plaguing sales personnel everywhere. To manage all of this, sales people employed in different companies work on different solutions to store and organize their data systematically and have instant access to it from anywhere, on the device of their choice, whatever the time be.

One of their big concerns is to have a proper and user-friendly system in place that offers relevant features to suit their business objectives. This is where having Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Pricing installed helps. Given below are several benefits of using the Dynamics 365 for Sales which might be just what you need to feel convinced to schedule a Dynamics 365 Sales Demo.

  • Importing data becomes easy: Nothing frustrates a sales manager more than having to import all the current data into a new system. Customers cannot wait. The best part of the story is, Dynamics 365 for Sales ensures that your customers do not have to wait. Users do not have to worry as to how long will it take to import data and whether it will turn up in an organized manner or not. Dynamics 365 for Sales ensures that end users get to categorize external data as a single import and get to transfer information in batches as they need it.
  • It makes telemarketing innovative: Dynamics 365 for Sales Pricingoffers to end users a differentiator through its process flow user interface. The solution has been built to send prompts to ask the right questions to identify new sales leads and pursue them. Every step is defined and all that users do is follow a logical progression of the sales funnel all the way to the buying stage. This invariably increases conversion rates and helps meet quotas.
  • The power of the cloud is beneficial: This makes it possible to access data related to sales, marketing and customer service from anywhere. You stay connected with your business all the time because the solution is also accessible on mobile devices. This ensures you never miss out on an opportunity to serve your customers, resulting in a profitable business.
  • The solution facilitates easy integrations: The fact that it is a Microsoft product means that it integrates with other Microsoft products as well. This also includes possible integrations with libraries on SharePoint. Hence, sending quotes, RFPs and emails become quick and easy. Its integration with outlook ensures a fully comprehensive communication history for the end users.
  • Remain informed at every stage: Whenever a qualified lead is available, it goes through the sales funnel and then through various other stages. Thus, the nature of conversations changes in the case of warm leads as compared to cold leads. Sales experts have gone on record saying that one must tailor one’s conversations with customers as per the relevant stage. This is where Dynamics 365 for Sales helps as end users get to track every opportunity through their pre-defined milestones. They can set up rules with gated stages, saving them unwanted confusion and leads that can potentially backtrack.
  • Track All Competition and Conversion: There are two things that must keep you on your toes when you do Sales. These are competition and conversion. Higher competition means lesser conversion. Dynamics 365 has a feature which allows end users to create detailed profiles for all competitors, including active sales opportunities and the accounts they are working on. They get to create proposals which keep them ahead of competition based on their strengths.
  • Sales Dashboards with Rich Features: Being good at sales means making money for the company one works for. Closing out a sale, replacing a product and renewing a contract is all part of it. The only way to be good at all this is to use a solution that helps bring everything under one umbrella, for better and more informed decision making. This is what Dynamics 365 for Sales does for you. It has sales dashboards in real-time with KPI graphics and charts and statistics etc. that help better understand customer needs and anticipate potential problems.
  • Integration with Social Media: Sales can be done nowadays through phone, online and even through social media. It is important for companies to know what their prospects have to say about them on social media, as most of the activity happens on popular social media nowadays. This is where Dynamics 365 plays its part, as it offers integration with Microsoft Social Listening, letting end users listen to all kinds of feedback. This helps turn cold leads into sales opportunities.

If you are into sales and are plagued by issues highlighted above, then you must seriously contemplate getting Dynamics 365 for Sales installed.

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