Make your work easier with these useful Excel shortcuts

We all know how important it is to work on Microsoft Excel in the corporate world. Excel can handle a big amount of data which can be analyzed to get the business insights. If you work on excel and don’t know the shortcuts then it may be really tiring and time-consuming. Suppose you enter the office and get 10 different worksheets which need to be cleaned and then collated into one big worksheet. In case you don’t know the shortcuts, this is going to be a long process for sure. This is why knowing the shortcuts is very important. We will tell you a few shortcuts here which will surely help you in finishing your work early.

If you are working on an Excel and want to open a new workbook use “Ctrl + N”. In order to open an existing workbook use “Ctrl + O”.

Please make sure to save your workbook at regular intervals so that changes are saved. You need to use “Ctrl + S” to save the workbook. If you want to use the current workbook as a new workbook then use “F12” which will open the Save As option.

If you want to close the current workbook then use “Ctrl + F4”. In order to close the Excel use “Alt + F4”.

Mistakes can happen with anyone; however, Microsoft is smart enough to give option to undo your last action. You just need to use “Ctrl + Z” for that. Contrary if you want to redo your last action, use “Ctrl + Y”. In order to repeat the last action use “F4”. Use “Ctrl + X”, “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V” for Cut, Copy and Paste options.

When working on a big data using Excel formulas, you will need to paste the values to make sure that your Excel sheets remain lighter. In order to open Paste Special Dialog Box use shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + V”. This will open a new dialog box which will give you options to paste values as formulas, values, transpose and many other options.

In order to use Find option, use “Ctrl + F”. In order to use Replace option use “Ctrl + H”.

Working on Tables in Excel makes work easier. In order to insert a table use “Ctrl + T”. If you want to activate filter in table use “Alt + Down Arrow Key”.

Now let’s talk about some Excel shortcuts to move around in workbook. If you want to move to one cell right then use “Right Arrow Key”. Similarly to move left, up and down use “Left Arrow Key”, “Up Arrow Key” and “Down Arrow Key”.

Sometimes you would be working on a sheet with large data and you would want to go to the last row having data at right. Use “Ctrl + Right Arrow Key”. Similarly you can use “Ctrl + Left Arrow Key”, “Ctrl + Up Arrow Key” and “Ctrl + Down Arrow Key”. These options will take you to the edge of the data. If there is a gap in between then it will stop at the last cell having data.

In order to move to the first cell in worksheet use “Ctrl + Home”. Similarly to move to the last cell in worksheet use “Ctrl + End” combination.

If you want to select the entire row then use “Shift + Space”. Similarly you can use “Ctrl + Space” key combination to select entire column. In order to select whole worksheet use “Ctrl + A”. If you have selected a cell and now want to select adjacent cell as well then use “Shift + Click” shortcut.

In order to select cells to right then use “Shift + Right Arrow Key”. In order to select cells to left use “Shift + Left Arrow Key”. Similarly use “Shift + Up Arrow Key” and “Shift + Down Arrow Key” to select cells up and down respectively.

If you want to select till the last cell to the right then use “Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow Key”. Use “Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow Key”, “Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow Key” and “Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow Key” to select till the last cells at left, up and down.

Pivot Table is a great tool while working on Excel as it helps you in customizing the data. In order to open Pivot table wizard use shortcut “Alt + D + P”. If you want to create pivot chart on the same worksheet then use “Alt + F1”. In order to create pivot chart on new worksheet use “F11”.

If you want to enter a new worksheet use “Shift + F11”. When working on the multiple worksheets use “Ctrl + PgDn” to go to next worksheet. Use “Ctrl + PgUp” to go to previous worksheet. Similarly when you are working on multiple workbooks use “Ctrl + Tab” to go to next workbook. In order to go to previous workbook use “Ctrl + Shift + Tab”.

There are many more shortcuts to make work easier on Excel. In the meantime use these shortcuts and work faster. Stay tuned for more shortcuts and tricks for Microsoft Office tools such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint.

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