Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

kitchen design trends

In 2019, kitchen trends include a mix of technology and innovation with art. In this way, the kitchen will be beautifully gorgeous while still being more efficient than ever. This will still exist in the next few years but there will be significant changes in kitchen designs.

Some experts in Casentino talk about the concept of the anti-kitchen where the kitchen space is still there but is somehow hidden to impose a living area filled with luxurious items and furniture. This concept will still be likely used for next year. However, there are other concepts of kitchen designs that should be considered to be included in your kitchen.

Here are the predicted kitchen design trends of the 2020s.

Rooms and floor plan

In the following years, more designers will consider having a fluid sequence of rooms and an open floor plan. This involves a kitchen with stylish dining and inviting the living room arrangement. Mostly these kitchens have no dividers and are usually connected to the living room.

This design in the next year involves a minimalistic approach in the kitchen. This means that everything put on the kitchen should fall on the category of stylish, useful, and spacious to the room.

Movable, agile, and tidy furniture are also on the list for next year as designers keep on looking for them. The more an object can be hidden or stored, the better it is. In the next year’s kitchen design, minimalistic aesthetics are in the spotlight.

Kitchen cabinets, materials, and finishes

Because of the concept of the anti-kitchen, kitchens in the 2020s are made with the balance of the key elements that comprise the kitchen.

The kitchen should not just be stylish, it should also provide adequate space for movement and the delicate works like chopping vegetables, stirring sauce, or steaming entire courses. Contemporary kitchen ideas are a combination of style and functional finishes and material choices.

The aesthetics of the kitchen does not come from the ornaments on the kitchen but on what material they are made and the color that is being matched on the kitchen design. Of course, the balance of materials is still essential.

The difference in the upcoming years is that fewer materials are going to be balanced, only those that are needed in the kitchen mostly.

Metal texture combined with contrasting colored surfaces

Metal will be used as an accent in the kitchen. This could be in the form of metal insertions and clad in stone, granite, marble, with an additional wooden accent. On rare occasions, the metal is used in cladding suffuse for the whole kitchen cabinetry. This brings wonderful effect especially to those kitchens in rustic settings.

Visually lighting the top row of kitchen cabinets

Instead of the ceilings, lights can also be put on top of kitchen cabinets. Suspended metal frames can be used as placement for the lights. However, lights internally put inside the cabinets bring a more luxurious effect on the design of the kitchen. This is built on kitchen cabinets that are in the one-wall unit that uses glass as doors.

Having these kinds of lights is also is practical because you can just turn on these lights instead of the regular ones.

The oven as the kitchen focal point

Having the stove as the focal point of the kitchen is like having the television as the focal point of the living room, it all makes sense. Not only is this practical, but also a stylish take on modern kitchen design.

 A composition of wall cabinets with a niche in the center is a popular design that can also be used to store kitchen ovens, sinks, and kitchen units in a sophisticated manner. To add more emphasis, lighting can be installed surrounding the wall where the oven is placed can also be done.

Color choices for the kitchen

Dark-colored kitchens will still be trendy in the 2020s. After all, they bring a classic and elegant look in the kitchen space. A modern-classic look and matte surfaces can surely hook any designer and homeowner.

But if you are looking for a new color, shades of blue and green are expected to be popular next year. These two colors do compliment each other very well and are predicted to be used on more and more kitchens.

Petrol green is being used in 2018 but is still expected to trend next year and beyond. Moss green, sage green, hunter green, and other shades near these is widely looked upon.

When it comes to blue, navy blue stands out as the color for the kitchen despite its capabilities to suppress appetite as per color psychology.

Following these upcoming trends in the kitchen design world not only increases the value of your home, but it also gets you in style. The main point that next year would have in terms of kitchen is “minimalistic” as more and more people want to have an elegant look instead of a flashy one.

However, these are only trends. You can follow them as you please or build something out of your passion and desire. There is nothing wrong with that. You can either follow the trend or set your own.

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