Key Factors Affect Your Keyword Ranking in SERP

Keyword Ranking

The keyword ranking of your web page in SERP depends upon several factors. However, it is not easy for everyone to apply each and every factor or to have details about each. The SEO professional is an expert having all the essential knowledge about Google and the SERP tactics. But still, there are some specific factors that you must consider. You can apply yourself to enhance the ranking of your webpage to a great extent.

If you are also thinking about having details about the search engine ranking factors then we are here to help you out. With the help of these small factors of ranking factors, you can easily bring a great impact on your web pages. So, let’s get started.

Content Quality

When it comes to ranking, content quality is one of the major factors that are required to be considered. You can easily get your site optimized for Search engine optimization, but when it comes to content, if it sucks, then your website will not rank at any cost. In SEO, do you know what quality content looks like?

Google always wants the content to be given in such a manner that it completely answers the query of the people. Apart from this, your content must be given in such a method that satisfies the users with the exact and useful information. Additionally, SEO-friendly content is always highly structured. Yes, it should be easy to read, and users must be able to get the answer to their question faster.

Uniqueness Of The Content

Your content must be better and different as compared to others. In case, you use the duplicate content or try any sort of duplicate tool; then there are no chances of getting a higher rank in SERP.

Fully Crawlable Page 

If you are willing to rank in Google, then it is necessary for you that the search engines can easily crawl on the web page and index the content as well. In case, the search engines are blocked from getting access to the page, then the indexing method process will not be completed, and it will hurt your search engine visibility also.

Mobile Optimised Site

It is also one of the important factors nowadays. The web pages that are having great mobile visibility have the highest chances to rank in SERP. Considering the same, Google has created a tool called mobile-friendly test. If your web page is properly optimized for mobiles, then your ranking will definitely get enhanced.

Number Of Backlinks

A backlink is just like a helping hand or a vote from another site. Google and other search engines always take these backlinks into consideration. Backlinks are used by search engines to figure out that your webpage deserves to be in the top 10 or not.

Domain Authority

Whenever a link points directly towards our page, then it helps the page to rank better in Google. Yes, these links help in the overall domain authority of the site. If you have higher authority, then the chances of getting a good rank in SERP will be high.

Anchor Text 

The anchor text is basically used by Google to figure out that would exactly what the webpage is about. For example, if someone has recently linked to the site with an anchor text that is a backlink, then the anchor will define that other people are getting linked with this webpage with backlinks and context. Hence, this page must be about backlinks.

Site Speed Loading 

The loading speed of your site plays an important role in ranking. The more your webpage loads, the high-ranking you will get. Especially on mobile devices, it is important for you to consider that you were pages should load as early as possible.

Keyword Usage

If you are willing to rank with a particular keyword, then it is necessary for you to use that on your page. Otherwise, Google will not be able to know that your page is about that particular keyword.

Google Rank Brain

The rank brain is the artificial intelligence part of the algorithm of Google. Additionally, it is one of the top 3 ranking factors as has been confirmed by Google. The rank brain helps Google and understanding that would exactly the searcher is willing to have and serve them with the best results. It is just like a machine learning algorithm that changes constantly. The best way to optimize for the rank brain is to create awesome content.       

Hence, these are some of the factors that you can consider for enhancing the keyword ranking of your web pages and making a strong online presence. Alternately you can take the help of SEO professionals.

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