Is It Worth Using Insurance For Windshield Replacement?

Insurance For Windshield Replacement

You’re traveling down the highway when “bam!” a stone slams into your windshield, chipping it. You decided to wait for a little before mending the windshield because it was only a tiny chip. When you drive over a speed bump a few days later, that little chip expands to a 6-inch fracture. Now you need to pay for complete windshield replacement when you can fix that small chip with affordable windshield repair. This is why you should know when to repair/replace your car’s windshield.

When To Replace The Windshield

Factors to consider when deciding to replace your windshield include:

  1. When a crack in the windshield is the size of a dollar note, it must be replaced
  2. When the windshield chip or crack is directly in the driver’s line of view, it is also suggested to replace the windshield as a precaution.
  3. When your windshield has three or more chips, most auto glass experts would highly suggest replacing it to avoid the chips evolving into serious cracks and jeopardizing the view on the road.
windshield replacement in Calgary

The majority of rock chips and some tiny cracks can be repaired. This is why, as soon as you find a chip or minor crack, you should fix it. Windshield repair costs much less as compared to complete replacement.

The smaller the chip or fracture, the more easily the damage may be contained and prevented from spreading. When the deterioration spreads, the likelihood of requiring a replacement increases dramatically.

Will my insurance cover the windshield replacement or repair?

Comprehensive insurance is an add-on to collision insurance that is frequently purchased together. It covers your automobile against any form of damage that isn’t caused by another vehicle, sometimes known as “acts of God.”

The following are some examples of what comprehensive insurance could compensate you for:

  • Branches from a tree have fallen on your windshield
  • A baseball collided with the windshield
  • While driving, a pebble flies into your windshield
  • A wild animal slams through your windshield.

While most plans may cover your windshield repair/replacement in Calgary and other areas, we urge that you double-check to ensure which events are covered and that you have coverage for all of your auto glass.

Comprehensive deductibles

There may be a comprehensive deductible, which is the cost of using this coverage out of pocket. Comprehensive deductibles can range from $0 to $2,000, depending on the insurance company. When you sign up for a new insurance policy, you may determine the amount of your comprehensive deductible.

For windshield repairs, several insurance carriers provide a no-deductible benefit. That means your windshield can be repaired, and your insurance company will pay for it without you having to pay anything out of pocket.

What if you don’t have comprehensive insurance?

In general, if you do not have comprehensive coverage, your insurance will not cover the windshield replacement cost. There are two significant circumstances when liability insurance alone will suffice to fix your vehicle. If another driver collides with your automobile and is at blame for the accident, you may be protected. When you submit a claim against the property damage liability element of the other driver’s vehicle insurance, your windshield or other pieces will be replaced.

  • If another person damages your windshield and you submit a claim against their homeowners’ or renters’ liability insurance, you may also be covered. If they have any of those policies, they will have a liability section that will pay the costs of any damaged items. You’d have to show their insurance company that they were at fault.
  • If a car is less than ten years old or worth more than $3,000, it is advised to drivers to acquire comprehensive and collision insurance. Even though the two forms of coverage might double the cost of your vehicle insurance, the cost of windshield repairs and other fixations may be greater than the cost of insurance over five years.

Insurance premium

Comprehensive claims are not considered surchargeable claims by most major insurance companies’ underwriting rules. When a claim directly impacts your insurance premium, it is referred to as a surchargeable claim. Your premium should not rise as a result of a claim to replace a damaged windshield. However, insurance companies may regard a high frequency of windshield claims as one of the variables in setting future premiums. A windshield replacement in Calgary or elsewhere comes in handy when a comprehensive premium covers you.


The first factor to examine is the cost of the deductible in comparison to the cost of repairs. Your deductible is calculated from the total amount claimed by insurers, so if your deductible is more than the cost of repairing or replacing the windshield, you won’t get anything from them. Check if the deductible for glass claims is waived under your comprehensive coverage. Some car insurance companies provide comprehensive policies that don’t require you to pay a deductible when submitting a claim for shattered glass. Windshield repair costs much less than the replacement, and you can save yourself from liabilities when you fix everything beforehand. However, insurance is always a great save for you when you need windshield replacement in Calgary or wherever you live.

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