How to Write an Effective Business Letter

The corporate world is a tough realm of strict and hard-to-please people. That is why writing an effective business letter is crucial if you are looking for new opportunities and relationships as a businessman. But writing such a document entails a whole lot of precision and professionalism. Hence, let this article guide you on how you can write an impressive business letter.

What is a business letter?

Before you can know what makes an impressive business letter, you should first learn what a business letter is made of and why it is essential. In this way, you can correctly distinguish the right elements for the letter you wish to write.

business letter is a written means of communication for commercial purposes. The intention of these letters can vary from seeking business deals, filing a complaint, giving notice, and creating business proposals. It is technically a professional way of conveying messages.

effective business letter

No matter what kind of business letter you are writing, there are some essential elements that must remain within. These are the following:


The first component of any letter is its letterhead. It is located on the topmost part of the paper and includes essential information about the sender’s company. You can find the company’s logo, name, address, and contact details within this area.


Directly under the letterhead, you can find the date. This should always be beneath the letterhead and should indicate the exact date that the letter was written. You should not put it elsewhere, and you should not put the date of when you are sending out the letter.


After the date, you can place the details of the receiver. This includes their name, position in the company, their company address, and contact details. Your recipient’s details are crucial. Hence, ensure that you have all the right information. If not, you will look unprofessional.


The salutation or title is the beginning of your business letter’s body. If your recipient identifies as a male, you should use either Mr. or Sir. If your recipient identifies as a female, then use Ms. Mrs. or Ma’am. Meanwhile, if you are unsure, you can use general terms like their job title or full name.


The body is the most important part of your business letter. It follows the salutation and includes crucial elements that can make or break the way you convey your message. Within this part, it would be best to include a friendly greeting, followed by a short statement about the main reason why you are writing the letter.


If salutation is the beginning of your business letter body, closing is the ending. It should be aligned with the date. If you are writing a business letter, make sure that you put a warm yet professional closing.


There are times when you have to put additional documents when you are writing a business letter. This can include your company profile or some essential materials needed for your proposal. You can let your recipient know about these attachments by writing “Enclosures” after your closing.

These are just the basic components of a business letter. Some people, depending on the message they are trying to express, also put areas for signature and notary seals. Some also add spaces for the typist’s initials if the letter was written by a representative of the sender.

Knowing the right areas on where to put this information is crucial. After all, the corporate world is full of written rules. If you misplace a component, your business letter will surely look like an amateur wrote it.

Writing an effective business letter

effective business letter

Writing an effective business letter is easy when you have everything prepared. That is why you need to know exactly the details that are fitted for every component mentioned above. After that, you need to determine the purpose of why you are creating a business letter in the first place.

If you do not know what the letter is for, you will have trouble sounding professional. Hence, it is important to seek your supervisor’s help or whoever it is that asked you to write a business letter. With their guidance, you can have enough background on what to include in the body of your letter.

Your word of choice also plays a crucial role when you are writing a business letter. Certain writing styles do not apply to this kind of written work. You cannot use a creative manner of writing for professional purposes. Instead, you need to be straightforward and use enough active voice to directly convey your message.

For that reason, you need to use essential writing tools, such as an online thesaurus. Among the myriad of options available online. Power Thesaurus is the most useful and efficient online thesaurus. It has an easy-to-use website that contains an extensive database of words.

Whenever you key in a word in the website’s search bar, you will be shown a list of synonyms. You can also choose to change the option to antonyms, phrases, definitions, and examples by selecting your preferences on the left column. Interestingly, every word in the list is a hyperlink to another set of synonyms. Hence, you technically have an infinite amount of words to choose from.

Using an online thesaurus is helpful in knowing the right relationship between words and finding better terms to make your business letter sound professional. When you have the right balance between casual, straightforward, and proper use of words, you can write the most effective business letter that will surely impress your receivers.

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