How To Remotely Access Another Computer Over The Internet

Remotely Access Another Computer

You’re at your computer, but you need to connect to a different computer at the same time. What should you do?

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection tool can help when you need to have access to the computer from a distance. The computer needs to be switched on and set to allow remote connection, and you’re ready to go.

Remotely Access Another Computer Over The Internet

There are many ways to do things, like open a file and run an application, or even remotely work on it.

By using the RDC program, you will be able to connect to multiple computers remotely through that same network.

RDC is also a Windows 10 Universal app. If you want to use it on other non-Windows devices, then you will find the RDC app from Microsoft that is available to Mac, Android, and iOS.

Setting Up Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

  • The first thing you must complete is to physically sign in to the computer that will be accessed remotely.
  • Then, turn off this computer’s Remote Desktop in this computer by selecting Settings followed by System and finally Remote Desktop.
  • Just below “Enable Remote Desktop” there will be a switch you must turn on. After that, click “Confirm” to turn on the setting.

By default, you’ll have two options available that will make your computer available for connection while the other keeps it accessible to private networks. You can change the two options by clicking that Show Settings button, however at the moment, you may be better off keeping both active.

  • Click here to access the advanced options.
  • Click here to check the box below ” Require computers to use Network Level Authentication(NLA) to connect”. This NLA gives you a very secure connection for remote connections to the same network. As in this case, users must be authenticated prior to an access point to the remote computer.

If you connect to a PC on the same network, you could prefer to ignore that “External Connections” section. This section of the Remote Desktop port sections shows the default port on which connections are being listened to and accepted.

  • Click the back arrow, and you return to the original screen.
  • Scroll down to your Remote Desktop settings. If you’ve got administrator access to the remote computer, you will be able to access it easily.
  • If you would like to grant permission to remote access another account, simply click the “Select users that can remotely access this PC” link located at the bottom of the screen.
  • After that, click Add and type in the username for the account.

It is important to be able to remember the username of the computer because you’ll be required to log in remotely. You can also change this computer’s title so that it is simpler to remember.

Connecting to Remote PC From Windows

Now, you can connect to this computer in the comfort of your own home.

  • Simply launch your Remote Desktop Connection tool by opening the folder that contains Windows accessories by pressing the button that says Start.
  • Click on the shortcut to connect to a Remote desktop connection.
  • On the RDC window, type in the IP address or name of the remote computer in the Computer field.
  • After that, click Then click on the Show Options button and fill in the username for the account you’ll be using to sign into. After that, click Connect.
  • On the screen for credentials Enter your password.

Now, you’re connecting to the computer remotely. You are able to work with files, launch applications, and complete other tasks. On the top, you will see a screen that is an orange connection bar that offers a variety of options.

Once you’re done, you can hit on the Close button and your connection will be closed.

Remote Desktop App for Windows 10

It is also possible to use the RDC app on Windows 10. It is necessary to download the app via Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store and launch it. Simply click on the Add button, and then select that option Desktop to create the connection.

Type in the computer’s name then clicks on the plus(+) button to connect your account. Input your user name and password into your account’s window. After that, double-click the icon to ensure the remote PC will be linked to the remote PC.


Connect to a PC from an iOS, Mac, Mac, iOS, or Android

For connecting to a remote device from a Mac, iOS, or Android device The steps are basically identical.

In the beginning, you must download The Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the app store for your device. It’s available across all three Operating Systems. After that, you can launch the application on your device, and then grant it the required permissions.

Now, you can add your PC domain name. It is considered been deemed to be a completely qualified domain name.

Add your credentials, the username for the computer, as well as the password.

In the User Accounts section, you can select whether the application is to prompt you for your login credentials each time you attempt to connect. If you find that irritating, look for an option below that will allow users to store their credentials so you don’t need to fill them in every time repeatedly.

After that, you’ll be connected, and you will be able to work on the computer via your device.

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