How to Maintain Home Appliances this Summer?

Comfort and convenience are not everything that homeowners want from their home appliances. They want the systems to save energy and money on utility bills. Therefore, they generally look for environmentally friendly and energy-saver home appliances. What will you do if we bring out some home appliance maintenance tips for this summer? The tips can help you save a lot of money and time in the most imperative ways. 

We have collected the appliance maintenance tips from San Francisco Appliance Repair specialists. Your home can become zero net energy if you carefully implement the tips to maintain the home appliances for years. In this manner, your appliances will consume less electricity while giving high-performance throughout the service life.

Appliance Maintenance Tips for This Summer

While many people wish to save their home appliances from sudden breakdowns or damages, others are unaware of the maintenance tips, to begin with. You can find yourself in both situations, depending on your appliances’ issues. Therefore, we are revealing some essential maintenance tips for your appliances. These will ensure that you save money on premature repairs and energy bills. Let’s get started with the tips:

  • Check your appliances’ seals are secured: According to San Francisco Appliance Repair experts, appliances’ seals are the common issues you make a service call. You can assume that seals do not cost much on appliance repairs. However, you bear the maximum cost on energy bills because broken or damaged seals can result in up to 20% electricity loss. Therefore, it is worth checking the seals and replacing them on time if they are damaged or broken.
  • Clean the air filter: Many home appliances have air filters to sift the incoming air, making them work as efficiently as possible. You need to routinely inspect the air filters to ensure your appliances are working correctly. The San Francisco Appliance Repair professionals also illustrate that clogged, damaged, or dirty air filters make your appliances work as hard as possible until they completely breakdown. Besides, you can bear higher energy bills if you do not often clean the appliance’s air filters.
  • Inspect and replace refrigerator’s water filter: Your refrigerator integrates a water filter that provides you with tasty and nutritious water to drink or cook. If the water filter is damaged, clogged, or dirty, you may get exposed to harmful contaminants or diseases. It will affect your health and the functionality of your refrigerator. Therefore, the San Francisco Appliance Repair experts suggest maintaining the refrigerator once in three months to avoid expensive service visits on premature repairs.
  • Compressor Coils: Some home appliances often heat up while running throughout the day. You can check your refrigerator for dirty compressor coils to clean them. Such coils help the home appliances to remove heat and work efficiently for an extended period. Besides, dirty compressor coils also heat-up, risking your home and appliances to fire hazards. You can use a duster or compressor coil spray to clean the coils once every six months virtually. It will help you save money on costly repairs in the future. 
  • Leakages: You often call for San Francisco Appliance Repair services whenever your home appliances leak. Some appliances leak in intervals while the others continuously leak. Overall, appliance leakage problems are what makes you hire a repair technician. You can save plenty of money by checking the appliances’ gasket and replacing them using the DIY technique. It will help you prevent leakages for years.

What’s the difference between professionals and DIY appliance maintenance?

It is among the most asked questions on the internet. While many homeowners try to implement as many DIY repairs as possible on their appliances, others often make professional service call. Like household chores, some repairs can be handled using DIY methods while others need San Francisco Appliance Repair services. The deciding factor is the appliances’ damages or repairs.

You can use DIY methods to clean, maintain, and replace some parts of your home appliances. Gasket, seals, door switch, and other minor appliance components can be thoroughly checked and replaced at home after buying DIY repair kits. Besides, you can effectively clean the appliances using DIY tips. 

Nonetheless, the standard of professional repair services remains unmatched over DIY repairs. Your appliances may suddenly malfunction or heat up, making you worried about the comfort and repair costing. Therefore, San Francisco Appliance Repair services are always a call away to assist you. If your home appliances need significant repairs, you must never hesitate to make a service call.


You know now how routine appliance maintenance can help you live comfortably and peacefully this summer. Try to implement as many DIY maintenance tips as possible to start saving money. Besides, you can call experienced appliance repair experts if you encounter major problems. Think wisely and give the best to your home appliances.

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