How to Download Instagram Videos Directly?

Downloadgram video downloader

Download Instagram Videos Directly using DownloadGram Video Downloader is quite simple. Downloading Instagram media was not that easy since the day that Instagram started its journey. Because of the very special privacy conditions of the platform, downloading Instagram videos and photos are prohibited. Even Instagram does not have a download or save media option. Unfortunately, you are not permitted to download your very own photo or video once upload them. So we have to think through if there is another way to download videos on our devices. There are many third-party Instagram downloaders. DownloadGram Video Downloader is one of them. We found it as the best solution. So this narration is to clarify why and how it became the best? Here we go.

DownloadGram Video Downloader

What is DownloadGram Video Downloader?

DownloadGram Video Downloader is a small tool developed a few months back. This trendy tool can download any Instagram video directly on a device. The link to the shared Instagram post is the only requirement here. Since the Instagram community knows third-party solutions, this is not going to become illegal. Even the tool does not record any download. It just saves the video clip to the device.

However, DownloadGram Video Downloader is an online tool that no one can download on their devices. For that, it can use on any platform like smartphone and desktop. Moreover, operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, or whatever is not a barrier that keep you away from DownloadGram Video Downloader. It downloads Instagram videos directly in their actual quality. And unlike many other online downloaders, DownloadGram automatically converts videos that it downloads into mp4. It makes everything easier. And remember, this is not just DownloadGram Video Downloader. It also supports downloading Instagram Photos as well. It saves the quality of all media files and helps anyone to download Instagram files in seconds.

How to sign up DownloadGram?

As we all know, there are so many online applications that ask us to sign up first. Does it the same with DownloadGram? Definitely not. This Instagram downloader tool is a different story from such typical tools. It makes everything simpler. No need to sign up and waste your time. Just click the link and open the web page. And then there is the download bar that you have to paste the Instagram post link.

Important features of DownloadGram

  • DownloadGram Video Downloader is a completely free tool
  • It is not an affiliated or sponsored tool of Instagram
  • This Instagram Video Downloader isn’t an installable app. It is an online platform
  • Videos that download through the tool will automatically convert into mp4
  • DownloadGram downloads media without reducing the quality
  • It can launch on both smart devices and desktop
  • All the leading operating systems such as iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, and so on can browse DownloadGram Instagram Video Downloader
  • Users can download countless media files from Instagram

Guide to download Instagram videos directly

  • Go to your Instagram app and scroll down to the video that you wish to download
  • Simply copy the respective URL of the post
  • Go to the web browser and browse DownloadGram Video Downloader
  • Once the web page is open, paste the copied link to the download bar
  • Now, click or tap the Download Now button
  • Within a couple of seconds, the preview of the video will display
  • Click the Download button again and continue
  • The download process will start and download the Instagram video directly

 Important points

  • Remember to connect to a stable internet connection through the entire process
  • Use hashtags or the profile name to easily find out the post that you wish to download
  • Anyone can use DownloadGram Video Downloader using a smartphone or PC
  • Those who are using the PC can use the web version of Instagram
  • To copy the URL of the post, go to the three dots line on your top right corner. And then copy the link
  • You can go through the narration of DownloadGram Video Downloader for further instructions

Wrapping up

DownloadGram Video Downloader is a perfect online tool for those who wish to download Instagram videos in a perfect way. The tool is very simple and anyone can easily go through it. It is a completely free option. DownloadGram cannot install on devices. Users can simply copy the link of a certain post and submit it to the download bar of the Video Downloader. If you were looking for a method to perfectly download whatever photo or video that is displayed on IG can use DownloadGram right away. 

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