How to create digital content to enhance your brand

The most important factor in promoting a brand and conquering the right audience will always be the digital content. This element is the key to success, because it allows users to express ideas that win over users through different formats. let’s learn how to create impeccable quality digital content to meet your goals.

1. Get to know the audience

Although analytics is essential to obtain figures and valuable information for decision making, the process of knowing the public is more complex since it involves paying attention to their opinions, ideas, suggestions and comments. This will be the first step for the creation of content that helps the brand to achieve success. How to achieve it?

Constant dialogue through the corporate blog

The public’s comments in this medium are really valuable since they express first-hand what they think about the published content. What you don’t like, what you prefer, and the topics you would like the company to do to create relevant information through this medium.

In addition to the blog comment box, it is also advisable to periodically include surveys to learn more about what the public likes. You can invite them to participate actively to share their opinion.

Social Networks

Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, among the main ones, are increasingly important for brands. It is possible to know what the public thinks of the products and services. You can also know how they react to shared content.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish constant communication with users to know what content they like and why. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Suppose a large segment of users reacts with an “amuse me” icon to a publication, does it indicate that this audience does not believe at all what is being shared? Of course, the comments will be important to conclude it.

Therefore, identifying this and other factors will be essential to undertake Content Marketing strategies with guaranteed success. Let’s remember the example of Netflix. Every time a follower asks about certain series or movies, they are communicating valuable information to the brand. Although not all requests are viable, they will be useful to learn more about the public’s tastes.

Buyer Personas

Through online research and conventional media, the necessary data will be collected to build these consumer models used to launch content campaigns. In addition to general data, such as age, gender, income, and job title, it is necessary to know consumers’ aspirations and their consumption and browsing habits in detail.

2. Determine the digital content format for each platform

The various inbound marketing techniques have the main purpose of naturally attracting consumers to the company’s digital media. The content format will be important to generate brand attention, recruit leads, strengthen the company’s prestige and increase conversions. Therefore, for the fulfillment of the goals, it is necessary to take advantage of each one of them:


The blog in the text is traditionally the best way to attract the right audience to enhance the brand. Fresh, truthful, useful and high-quality information should be presented to the public in an impeccable structure that allows easy reading. Likewise, each publication must be optimized for SEO to position this medium in search engines.

Video is becoming one of the key pieces when creating content, especially for fashion and accessory brands. Because it allows us to show how products and the materials they are made of look like, how they can be used or what story there is behind its elaboration.

Video Marketing

Videos allow us to show how products and the materials they are made of look like, how they can be used or what story there is behind its elaboration.

We are talking about the format that currently generates the most attention on the internet. Because 77% of users enjoy videos every week, while 55% of them do so on a daily basis. The most common type of video is the tutorial video and explainer video. It is known that video has the power to spread the brand among the most diverse audience segments, thanks to its characteristics:

* Allows you to tell interesting stories in just a few seconds. What a marketer could tell the public in 1000 words can be summarized in a short video, with an interesting script and attractive and exciting sequences. Best of all, HD content can now be produced on virtually any smartphone.

* It is the perfect complement for other types of publications. Such as the blog or social networks’ content will generate more attention by including videos. In this way, both formats are used to convey the brand message convincingly.

We all know the importance of video marketing. Seize the video market, seize the chance of success! Your video content marketing strategies determine your success.

The most important thing when creating a video is that it tells a story and that it generates emotion. There are different types of video: descriptive, testimonial and product use.

An available resource, in addition to recording with your camera or cell phone, is to reuse photographic and graphic design materials that your brand already has and animate them in a video, placing music and effects that enhance them.

Pictures and GIFS

This type of visual material attracts, entertains and helps to transmit messages on different social media.

3. Distribute content appropriately

It is also important that you take into account the technical specifications of the channel where you are going to publish your content. The main ones that you have to know are those of Facebook and YouTube. Knowing how to create digital content also implies identifying the appropriate distribution channels. Each of them requires accurate and adequate information, which can be planned as follows:

Corporate blog

The most recent news related to the product or service, as well as anecdotes from other users, a section to invite the user to learn more about the company and in general everything that is valuable to generate trust among customers.


Taking advantage of the mobile market will help strengthen the brand. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a valuable communication channel through business apps. They help improve the user experience and deliver relevant content at each stage of the purchase process.

E-commerce store

The brand’s eCommerce also needs high-quality content, such as objective and attractive descriptions, as well as buyer reviews and tutorials that help the prospect make the best decision for their needs and pocket.

Social networks

Each of them is aimed at a specific audience. Instagram, for example, is the favorite of millennials, while Facebook is used by an older audience looking for news and entertainment. Based on this, plan your videos, links and status updates to generate adequate traffic through these networks.

Likewise, Buzzsumo and Google Analytics tools will be useful to know the channels and content with the most interaction to know how to distribute them to generate optimal results. We believe marketers need to be aware of social media marketing trends.

4. Call on the experts

Hiring a marketing agency will help boost your brand for several valuable reasons:

  • They allow you to take advantage of the talent and experience of your team. Such as writers, video creators, editors and professionals in general with whom an agency has, know the most efficient way to create digital content for different types of public. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to their advice. Communicate with them to design working methods and find new business opportunities.
  • Working with a marketing agency helps save resources. The amount paid monthly for the services it offers is considerably less than what would be spent when including each of the professionals, such as writers and editors, on the payroll.

To sum up

The creation of digital content is a process that involves research and communication with the contracted agency. In addition, it is very important to know the audience to offer them what they are looking for through the different media on the internet, with the ultimate goal of positioning the brand and generating a community of satisfied and loyal customers. We’ve listed the steps and tips for you to carry out your digital content strategy. It is time to try them out!

Lucy chairish is a digital marketer and an enthusiast for photography and videography. She always tries to explore something new in her content and loves sharing tips and tricks on marketing. Works for FlexClip(, she is passionate about everything related to video production.

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