How to Choose the Best Education Consultant – A Brief Guide

Planning to study abroad? It’s a great decision; however, there are many things that you may require in addition to finances, relevant documents and visas. Most of the students who choose to pursue their higher education in foreign land tend to take the services of an education consultant at first; the reason being that education consultants know the entire process and can guide the students perfectly. However, with so many education consultants providing their services in the market, chances are that you might get as confused as one can be. With so many options available, experiencing a dilemma is obvious. Amidst all the confusion that may be there, it becomes very important to choose the education consultant wisely.

There are hundreds of education consultants in Melbourne and in other parts of Australia; however, it may be difficult for you to shortlist your favourite immigration consultants in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia.

Guide to Choose Best Education Consultant

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide that can help you choose an education consultant easily and quickly.

Make a List of Renowned Education Consultants in Your Area

If you are choosing to select an education consultant from the local area, it is suggested to make a list of renowned education consultants in the area – shortlist at least 5 of them. A simple search over the internet will bring you a list of all the consultants in the area; you may go through a few articles/blog posts to know the top 5 or top 10 consultants in the vicinity.

As this process can also be done online too, there is also an option to select the education consultant that is located in some other city but has a good track record and name.

Visit the Consultants Personally, If Possible

If you’ve chosen to select amongst the locally-available education consultants, it is highly suggested to visit every consultant personally. As there is a lot of fraud and deceitful agents present in the market, we insist you go for a registered education & migration consultant. A registered education & migration consultant is authorized by the government to act on their client’s behalf and also provide the most updated information in terms of visas.

Even if you are planning to take the online education & migration services, it is suggested to shortlist (and hire) a registered MARA agent.

Take Quotations for Services

Most education consultants charge their fees based on their reputation in the market and the type of service taken.

Whether choosing to take consultation locally or online, take a clear-cut quotation of services, including taxes. Make sure there are no hidden charges and there’s an agreement that both the parties will need to sign.

Doing so will give you an average idea about how much a service costs and if the quoted amount is in your budget.

Go Through Their Social Media Profiles

Going through the social media profiles of the education consultants is one of the best and sure-shot ways to find the right and best consultant.

Customers nowadays can review almost each and every service they avail, and the same is the case with education & migration agents. Go through social media profiles, Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews of the shortlisted agents and you’ll be able to find the best and worst.

You may even check out the visa success rate of consultants in their offices or social media pages.

The reviews will definitely help you choose the right and best consultant.

Choose the Education & Migration Consultant

Considering the reviews, budget and reputation of the migration agent, you can go ahead and select the one that fits all your parameters. Make sure you do good research over the internet and prepare all the documents beforehand so that the process gets started at the earliest.

Following the aforementioned steps can almost guarantee that you land up in safe hands and not get looted at any stage of the process. Trust your agent and provide all the information that is asked for. Follow the process and be patient, and you’ll surely be able to get the desired result.

A good education & migration agent will help you suggest the best possible course based on your previous education, budget and many other factors. In addition to this, the agent can also smoothen the visa process by guiding you at different stages.

Amelia Heydon is a passionate blogger and content manager at Asia Pacific Group - a Registered education consultant and MARA Agent in Sydney. She is an Australian by birth and loves to write about education. Connect with her at Facebook, Twitter and

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