How to Build A Powerful Resume?

Powerful Resume

Millions of job seekers go out everyday in search of right opportunity. But there are very few which meet the right opportunity. The reason may be different for everyone. Getting and not getting an opportunity depends on various things. However, one of the key contributors in your success is a resume.

A resume tells a lot about your professional abilities. Considering the fact before you reach the employer your resume reaches. It is your resume which is going to create the first impression. Do you realise that how many resumes are shown the bins every day without even a proper look. Having right skills is the not the only thing which is important for opportunity. It is your ability to present it well on paper is going to give you a chance to get the employer interested. So, it is very important to have a powerful resume which will make employers take interest in you.

Here are few keys to build powerful resume

Think from the perspective of employer:

One of the major mistakes people make that they don’t think from the perspective of employer. They can’t get out of the thought how a particular job is important to them, thinking about the financial gains, and lifestyle change the job is going to bring. But they forget the main fundamental that the business is run for the profit. So, you always have to think what value you going to bring to the organisation if you become a part of the organisation. Try to create a win win situation, try to show employers how your skills and experience going to add value to the organisation before you write your resume.

There is No One For All:

When you speak with job seekers, majority of them will speak about their struggle. They spent lots of time when it comes to honing their interview skills, but when it comes to writing resume they become lazy. They either look for templates online or copy resume of their successful friends and peers. Most awkward thing is to keep forwarding the same resume to every organisation, this is a clear sign of desperation. Every organisation even though belong to the same industry have different requirements, different business goals, values and ethics of doing business. You must not ignore their requirements, before forwarding the resume, always read the job description and companies requirements carefully. Check how you’re fitting into those requirements. You will have to make changes in your resume according to job requirements, an organisation will not changes in job requirements according to your skills.

Make It Relevant to Job Applied:

Sometimes we get swayed away by our achievements and number of skills we have and put everything on our resumes. Always remember in modern world where people trying really hard to manage time, nobody likes to read the stuff in which they are not interested. In order to build a powerful resume always make it relevant to the job applied, you may have dozens of skills and tons of experience but always mention the ones in which employers are interested.

Handling Lay off Period:

One of the most challenging thing for a job seeker is to handle questions related to lay off period. There could be various reasons for the lay off, it could be because of an accident, medical condition or unavoidable circumstances. More than the reason employers are interested how you handled that lay off period. Everybody likes a productive personality, if you have utilised your lay off period in gaining new skills, contributing to social cause, improving communication or gaining knowledge on leadership skills it will be an added advantage. It goes to prove that your someone who knows how to utilise your resources even in challenging time rather than the one who gets dejected by challenges.

Proofreading & Checking Details

Proofreading is one of most tedious task. You will hardly find people with the flare for proofreading. However, it is a practice which saves you from casual mistakes. Casual approach and negligence are the two things that must be avoided by professionals. In corporate nobody takes casual approach kindly. If you make small mistake like not keeping your font consistent in your resume, it will be considered unprofessional, it creates bad image about your seriousness for the job. Always check and make sure that you have provided all details that company has asked for. Incomplete details or missing details may result in rejection.

Always read details available in your resume, even if you took the help of professional resume building services. In case you’re found unaware about the information in your resume at the time of interview, it will be embarrassing. It is always better to build resume by yourself. In case you opted for professional services, do read it carefully. You need to discuss with them before you use it for job application.

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