How GDS API helps OTA increase their resources

Within a few decades, as we have seen that the travel industry is burgeoning at a lightning speed and technology has its own share of contribution in proliferating the wings of this particular commercial sector. The industry is still going on strong, outpacing the growth of global GDP in 2018 for the eighth year in a row. The sole reason behind the mushrooming of this industry is its ability to serve the consumers with different needs with the utmost care. This is the industry that serves more than half of the population of the world and where the millennial user receives a huge plethora of options from multiple sources. The travel industry is not just about travel agencies and travel content suppliers working independently and separately. It is a platform that brings everyone together to work collaboratively to have sustainable growth and this has been possible due to the utilization of the latest technology. Whenever we hear the term travel agency or travel company, the first thing comes to our mind is- a travel agency proffers the traveler with flight, train, bus tickets and accommodation facilities as add on.

Catering to the frequently changing demands of a huge population is not an easy task. Each individual has its own requirements and a travel agency must aggregate huge real-time data from the global travel content suppliers, which must include flight, hotels, bus, car service etc. so that the user can create their itinerary as per their choice. OTAs are opting for a highly advanced web-based network to connect with the real-time data of flights. It gives them the liability to get access to the live streaming of availability, seat layout, price, offers and discounts given by the airlines. Airlines reservation system is a web booking platform that’s connected with GDS as well as Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, which consolidates the data from airlines. Although flight reservation system is complex in terms of the license and regional limits and price, GDS API Integration has tremendously changed the inventory of airlines industry and thus made them supply their service to the global distribution channels, which further ensures rapid growth in sales. It is undoubtedly a difficult job to deliver information about several airlines for the same route or different location at the same time. By using GDS Integration Solution, OTAs can provide better inventory with rates to end customers as many airlines will be serving the same route at the same time.

Easy connectivity

When you integrate GDS API into your system, the real-time information of the inventories of airlines, hotels, bus etc. becomes accessible to you. It conjointly helps the travel agents to integrate it on their own website in the form of API s to get their booking system operational for end customers.

Widens your market reach

It helps you become the largest aggregator of the vast inventories of global travel content. It helps you reach out to your suppliers easily, so that you can further distribute the collected data to your clients. A single GDS system is connected through several B2B, B2C or B2B2C websites.

Round the clock booking facility

Even if you are offline, your system is going to run 24*7 allowing your user to search, select and purchase as per their convenience. Since they have to select from multiple resources, they love to go through the sites in leisure time. So, it is very important to provide 24*7 booking services so that the booking operation doesn’t have to wait or stop for anything.

The market of the travel industry is very competitive, but with the proper use of GDS API, you can become the reliable source to book travel contents. It offers all required data, which streamlines the process and substantially increases your distribution network.

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