Getting Farm-Fresh Cow Milk in Gurugram

Milk delivery at home

Summary: The article makes the reader aware of the sources of fresh milk available in Gurugram.

Milk is an essential requirement in most households in the country. If not used for drinking as is, it is used for processing various other dairy products and delicacies. The morning tea is incomplete for many without it, and the children get their first nutrition of the day from a glassful of milk. Curds need to be set in preparation for the daily meals; not to forget the desserts that need to be made to end them.

In earlier times, you could get fresh milk delivery at home through the local milkman. The purity of the milk could not be guaranteed, but it was indeed fresh. These days, packaged milk gets delivered in pouches or tetra packs after it has gone through some amount of processing. Instead, you can order milk online and get fresh desi cow milk delivered to your doorstep.
The processing of milk leads to loss of nutrition and is prone to contamination. It may or may not suit your health or nutritional needs. Finding fresh organic milk with its nutrition intact is not easily accessible.

Get Fresh Unprocessed Milk from Farms in Gurugram

If you have been searching for organic fresh cow milk, you can relax now. Certain farms in Gurugram deliver fresh, unprocessed milk right to your doorstep every morning. The milk is transferred straight from the cows to glass bottles in a germ-free automated environment and sent to its subscribers without any processing. This ensures that nutrition is intact, and the risk of contamination is low.

Advantages of Fresh Cow Milk

With the changing times, the dairy industry is bound to change again. Farms in Gurugram have already started embracing the change and are facilitating organic fresh milk delivery at home to their subscribers. The arrangement provides their customers with a prompt and cost-effective proposition where they can address their concerns to a person rather than a system. The lack of middlemen helps the farms to keep the cost low, and the benefit is passed on to the consumers as well.

They provide milk in glass bottles, which have various advantages to its use. The material is non-reactive and hence, does not affect the composition of milk in any way. This risk is present when the milk packaging is made of plastic, metal or even paper (tetra packs). They are also good for the environment as they have the property of unlimited reusability.
The cattle are kept in a germ-free environment and given round-the-year care under the supervision of resident veterinary experts. The feed given to them comprises grass and is the best fodder they can get. For the milking of cows, sophisticated automatic machinery authorized by the regulatory bodies is used.

The use of technology has been incorporated smartly and effectively in various aspects, such as care, production, packaging, and distribution. The customers can schedule the delivery online, avoiding the hassle of visiting the farm for trivial reasons. The online channel also lets them post their concerns for redressal by the company. With such great service available, you would no longer need to worry about the quality of the milk.

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