Five Food Dishes to Try in Hawaii

If you are one of those looking for some escapades and new things to try in your life, you can surely do one thing. It is to travel and explore the world. Undoubtedly, many people are working hard to save money and enjoy the luxury a life can offer.

As a person who loves to travel, Hawaii is probably on their list as a top destination as it gives a vacation-feel-like vibe. Anyone would want to experience the circle island tour. It is also one of the most beautiful tourist spots worldwide. The breeze and fantastic view that Hawaii can give is a must-see destination. Aside from all of these, their food is also a must-try as it showcases the culture of Hawaii and caters to every tourist’s taste. For your reference, here are the five dishes to try in Hawaii.

Kalua Pig

If you are looking for food that you can brag the taste when you go back to your place after visiting Hawaii, it should be the Kalua Pig. This famous Hawaiian food that is best recommended is a staple at any Laua.

Hawaii – Poi

While many are splurging when they visit other places, some may stick to their routine or diet plan. If you are looking for a low in fat and protein dish, Poi is an excellent choice for you. This food is high in calcium and vitamin B. 

Spam Musubi 

When visiting Hawaii, one food that you cannot resist is the Spam Musubi, as they are all over the place. You can purchase this snack at any convenience store in Hawaii or even some liquor store. This snack originated in Hawaii during World War II. 

Lau Lau

No one can resist this traditional Hawaiian dish called Lau Lau. As it will make you remember what it feels like to be on vacation. Lau Kau is also known to describe the mixed pork fat, and a fish dish frequently served in Luau.


Who can ever say no to fruits? Even if you go on vacation, fruits are the number 1 food you can have, especially when you are on a beach. Being a tropical state, Hawaii has a variety of exotic and fresh fruits which you devour anytime. 

Spending your time in a refreshing place would be great, especially if you are equipping with things to help you survive. Knowing what food to eat beforehand can make a big difference. 

When you are in Hawaii, you may also ask what the best Waikiki things to do are? Well, that’s perfectly normal, especially if you want to spend your time a little bit differently without a hassle. 

Planning and listing the things that you want to do is better than nothing. While you can still opt for an adventurous journey without anything in mind, this cannot guarantee a safe and easy journey ahead of you.

For more details about the dishes that you can try in Hawaii, click this infographic from Go Hawaii Tours. 

Five Food Dishes to try in Hawaii Infographic Image- 65JAKwlkL6

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