Factors that Contribute to the Hefty Price Tags of Rolex Watches

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Rolex watches are expensive. But if you dig into the factors that define Rolexes, you will also conclude that they indeed worth that money. Moreover, all these aspects also make Rolex timepieces hold their value with time.

You will often find people looking to secure a loan against Rolex watches, and this clearly manifests how much valuable they are. So keep on reading to find out what makes a Rolex watch cost so much money.

Design & Craftsmanship

Rolex watches have set a standard in the horology industry in terms of design, craftsmanship and innovation. So the in-house development of a Rolex watch contributes significantly to its hefty price. However, it costs not only to develop the unique designs of the movements, faces and hand-assemble every watch components.

The elements utilised in the basic construction of a Rolex are also expensive. The watchmaker has its factory with several well-equipped laboratory departments. Rolex renders utmost attention to effective manufacturing techniques as well as applying new methods to elevate their standard.

However, the brand is known to use highly sophisticated and complex machines and equipment like gas spectrometers and electron microscopes.

Exclusive & Expensive 904L Stainless Steel

Rolex does not leave any stone unturned to maintain their highest level of standard and to be unique. Thus, they offer a classic and unique design to their luxury watches, using high-quality components, including the 904L stainless steel.

The 904L steel is much shinier and more robust in comparison to the usual 316L steel that is typically used by other brands. This steel type is expensive as well as hard to make as it requires special skills and added effort. Interestingly, Rolex is ideally the only brand to use 904L stainless steel to produce all its watches.

Everything is Produced In-house

Rolex makes every single component in its factory. This signifies that the watchmaker invests an excessive amount of resources for managing the entire manufacturing process in-house. However, while Rolex manages every production part themselves, you can ensure their premium quality of watches.

Watch Components Are Hand-Assembled

Indeed, Rolex laboratory has robots to help in their production. And together with machines, they perform all tasks. But these are simple ones like sorting and cataloguing.

Interestingly, bracelets and movements of Rolex watches are typically hand-assembled. Now, the fact is that it can take several hours to assemble a movement because it is made of hundreds of parts.

Each timepiece is often tested and double-checked by humans to assure premium quality before it leaves the factory for chronometer certification at COSC.

Today, all Rolex watches are equipped with mechanical movements that they develop, improve and innovate themselves.

Every Material is of the Highest Quality

Rolex strives for perfection, and this is one of the factors that have cemented its status as a pioneer in the luxury watch industry. So the watchmaker employs only the best quality materials for producing its timepieces.

In fact, Rolex manufactures the material in their factory if it does not exist. For example, the brand has its patented Oystersteel and Everose gold. Now:

All these efforts to craft their own elements of watches naturally reflect in the price. However, you will ultimately have a timepiece that is of exceptionally high-quality and can last for a lifetime.

Furthermore, the watchmaker also uses many costly components for their watches, and it naturally contributes to the hefty price tags. You will find Rolex timepieces made of 18ct gold featuring mother-of-pearl, diamonds and many other expensive elements.

A Rolex Watch is a Luxury Piece

Considering the brand’s legacy, techniques, methods and materials involved in producing one single watch, the fact to conclude is that Rolex is a luxury item. And luxury objects cost a hefty sum.

The quality and durability usually play a significant role in luxury items. Rolex offers utmost dedication and attention to detail when producing its timepieces. The watchmaker accepts no errors and deviation, and all these things reflect in their watches’ price tag.

A Rolex watch is an investment for a lifetime. If you own a Rolex, it will not only exhibit your status and success but also, help you conveniently in securing fast money at any time. While many Rolexes even appreciate with time, you can sell or get an immediate loan against your Rolex without any hassle.

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