Exciting Things You Should Know About Massage

Before looking for best massage places near you, there are some crucial things you need to know about this age-old practice.
The first written massage therapy can be traced to ancient India. However, if numbers are anything to go by, the practice is believed to originate somewhere around 3000 BCE. Ancient Hindus had mastered the art of touch to heal various types of ailments affecting the different parts of the human body.
Fast forward to today, the practice of massage is widespread to almost every corner of the planet. And well beyond what was initially invented by the Hindu, over the years, research has led to various types of massage unique to different parts of the world coming up. And that is probably seen as one of the reasons why there are numerous massage parlors, which is a good thing.
How do you go about looking for best massage places among the many available? Lucky enough, you are reading the best article, and this is how you recognize them;

  • The first thing you will need to do is look out for professionalism. Just like any other occupation, massage practitioners must accord the highest possible levels of professionalism. It starts with them being friendly, approachable, dressing, and handling you appropriately.
  • Massage therapists must also be fully registered and licensed by the relevant authorities. That is done to ensure that the set standards are always adhered to. Once you are sure that the therapist is fully registered and recognized by the relevant authorities, you can confidently seek their services.
  • Experience is everything in the profession. In massage, it can be seen or described as a combination of factors such as both proper training and having probably several years in the job. They say you can quickly identify an experienced massage therapist just from the first touch.
  • Locating an ideal massage therapist shouldn’t seem like an expedition. The therapist must make their services known, and that can be done in numerous ways, and the most popular being owning a fully operational website.
  • The other quality of a great massage therapist is being knowledgeable of several types of massage, and that should save you the time you would otherwise waste looking for the other types of massage which suit you the best.

Speaking of types of massage, some of the most popular examples include;

Sweedish massage
The most common type of massage that comes to the mind when massage mentioned. It relaxes the whole body and is achieved by giving relaxation to the muscles in the direction in which the blood flows to the heart. The Swedish massage also plays an imperative role in boosting the flow of oxygen in the blood.
Besides increasing the amount of oxygen, the Swedish massage plays a vital role in lessening muscle toxins while improving blood flow and litheness while easing tension. The most common way of doing this massage is by giving long, and gliding strokes, the other methods are, percussion-like pitter-patter, kneading, bending and stretching

Couples massage
Just as the name implies, the couples massage is done to two individuals lying side by side. This type of massage is in most common cases shared between romantic partners, and it is worth noting that each session has two therapists for the two clients. Another exciting feature about couples massage is besides having the session together; the clients can have any other type of massage apart from what their partner is having.
The couple’s massage can go on while therapeutic music plays on the background. Aromatherapy is also a common feature of this type of massage.

Deep tissue massage
This type of massage involves applying deep and sustained pressure aimed at targeting the inner layers of the muscles. This type of massage is ideal for treating musculoskeletal problems like wounds and strains. The deep tissue massage is known for promoting blood flow, speedy healing, and significantly plummeting tension in muscles and other body tissues.
This type of massage is also known to;

  • Reduce condition related pains
  • Relieve back and neck pains
  • Improve posture over time
  • Improve limited mobility

It is imperative noting that while this type of massage may, to some extent, feel like the Swedish massage, it is in no way its stronger version.
Traditional Thai massage
Also known as Thai yoga, this type of massage is an old healing method that combines Indian Ayurvedic principles, assisted yoga postures, and acupressure. This type of massage has been found to handle various conditions such as anxiety, headaches, back pain, and even insomnia.
With numerous massage therapists looking forward to cashing in on the growing popularity of the practice, you will need to be specific on certain qualities such as those listed above. And doing so should help you settle on the best. One of the qualities is that you should look out for is a therapist that practices more than one type of therapy.

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