Essential Things You Need To Consider During Your Car Service

Car service

A well-maintained vehicle will give you years of comfortable driving experience, with no hassles. Basic maintenance is cheaper than major repairs caused by neglect. As an important part of your means of transport, your car deserves all the love and attention it can get, which means periodic car service trips to your local garage or a branded service station.

Regular car service keeps your car in top condition and also takes preventive action against any minor faults, to help you save both time and money from major breakdowns. It also helps to improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle and give you better mileage, which leads to substantial cost savings in the long term.

While sending your car for your regular car service trips, there are some areas that you need your auto garage to specifically focus on, in the best interests of your vehicle.

These focus areas are consider during your car service:

1. The Tyres

Since the total weight of your vehicle is on the tyres and they facilitate the movement of your car, they need to be properly inspected and maintained for optimum performance. Ask your auto mechanic to inspect them carefully for any cuts or holes on them that can be repaired, and if not, get them replaced at the earliest for your overall safety.

Well maintained and inflated tyres can also help you save on fuel costs. Tyre gauges are cheap and easy to use. Also, make sure that your garage rotates and balances the tyres so they don’t wear out fast and give you a comfortable ride.

2. Wipers

Wipers are an essential part of your overall safety since they can help brush away rain and snow during extreme weather. Wipers that have their blades worn out may not clean the windshield properly and worse, even leave streaks which may affect your visibility, which could be a safety hazard. When you take your vehicle for a car service, make sure that your auto mechanic checks the quality of your wipers and replaces the blades if required.

Another important aspect for maintaining your wipers is ensuring that there is enough wiper fluid in the car, as it not only helps clean the windshield but also helps melt any snow accumulation on the windshield.

3. Air Filter

While the benefits of an air filter and its importance may not be so obvious, it plays a very important role in the overall performance of your car. If the air filters get clogged, they may reduce the overall efficiency of your car engine. This is the reason why it is essential to get the air filters replaced every 3 months, while servicing.

4. Oil Change

Getting an oil change done is something you need to ensure regularly as per your car’s maintenance schedule. Oil helps the engine operate smoothly and efficiently while also keeping it cool. If you don’t change your oil periodically it may lead to your engine seizing up and breaking down gradually. Make sure to frequently change the oil filter.

Most of the car manufacturers have a periodic schedule for changing the oil of your car, which you should strictly follow, to get the best performance from your vehicle.


Vehicle owners who regularly follow a car service schedule and ensure that all the parts of the car are well maintained can look forward to a pleasurable driving experience for many years to come. A better mileage, fuel savings and overall safety are the other advantages that car owners can look forward to while maintaining their vehicle periodically.

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