Email Marketing Trends That Will be on the Rise in 2021

The past year has presented several challenges in communication, business handling, commerce, and establishing customer relationships. However, it has also brought about several changes and has presented new prospects for brands.

New avenues on how to propagate a brand have opened up using different tools and equipment. That is why digital marketers must pay attention to these upcoming trends to ensure their websites keep up with upgrades.

Email marketing is a method that has been used for over 40 years. Therefore new methods in this line may help propagate brands more effectively among consumers.

That is why here we are sharing some of the upcoming email marketing trends that you will see in 2021.

Top email marketing trends that will become visible in 2021

Email marketing has been around for a long time. While many marketers may consider this a dead avenue, this is the closest one can get to their online visitors. Therefore, these upcoming trends will make this marketing strategy the most go-to method among digital marketers.


Any digital marketer familiar with email marketing is aware that personalization matters in this field. As per different surveys, it has revealed that emails with personalization are 26% more likely to be clicked on.

Consumers on the internet search for information that is relevant to their requirement. According to a study, 20% of people unsubscribe to a newsletter as it doesn’t match their interest.

This is why proceeding with the hyper-personalization method is the best approach at hand. It ensures email list segmentation and dynamic content.

2. Text-only email

Text-only emails are another email marketing trend that will be visible in 2021. This involves using an email with a more personal approach to sway customers. For many subscribers, text-only emails are a nice change of pace. You can mix your email with designed templates. It ensures the email you send connects on a deeper level with the subscriber.

3. Interactive email

Advancements like Accelerated Mobile Pages mean great things for email marketing. You have the freedom of adding interactive content to the emails. For example, if you are a retail website, you add a carousel or shopping cart instead of linking it to your page.

Therefore, interactive emails are likely to bring more visitors to your website. It reduces the friction and makes it easy for subscribers to drop in on your page.

4. Bright colours in email

Another approaching email marketing trend in 2021 might be bold designs, templates, and colours in emails. When sending a text-only email, it should contain personalization to make it more customer-friendly.

Using bold colours in your emails will make them more vibrant and appealing to consumer taste. According to a study, 93% of customers find colours most important when making a purchase.

5. Automation in email marketing

Hyper-personalized email marketing trends are a combination of analytics and email marketing. It allows the consumer to choose the information they wish to view. Send a series of welcome emails in the beginning. From here, proceed with confirmation messages. Also, a series of anniversary and birthday emails adds a personal touch.

In 2021, different businesses and brands pay more attention to customer voices and adopt a more human-centred approach. Following these trends will help professional content writers create more interactive emails.

Subhodip Das is the founder of Das Writing Services Private Limited, a leading content development agency serving clients across the globe. Adequately, he is trying to implement this idea through his content which is destined to serve every marketing need to its brim.

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