DuePet App Saved Me from Hopelessness

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Well, it is a story of me and my pet Tuffy, and how a pet app literally saved me from getting crazy about not being able to be a good pet parent.

I was so excited when I brought Tuffy home. She was most probably a newborn puppy and I was absolutely unaware of anything about her. With two little dots right at the beginning of her teeny-tiny tail, she was just so little. Pink paws, closed eyes, she was the size of my hand. I felt so protective about her.

As soon as I brought her home and kept her on the floor delicately, she tried to walk, but was slipping with each step on the white marble floor and crying sweetly. Immediately, I help her up in my arms, her eyes were not properly open as if she was born earlier than the time she was supposed to be.

So basically, I found her in the hands of a man in a market, where he was trying to sell her. He told me that her breed is labrador, but given my love for pets (especially dogs), I had a doubt that he was lying. I took her anyway because it was love at first sight. Now, I will tell you in detail about my stupidity.

That Was Indeed Stupid of Me

Back home, I was absolutely unaware about what to feed her. It was my first experience of having a dog. I fed her bread and milk. Tuffy was drinking milk and leaving bread in the bowl. Now I think how stupid I was to feed such a baby bread and milk. She was a strong baby, and adjusted to my naivety pretty well. 

Guess what, next morning, I gave her a bath in cold water when it was 20 degrees Celsius outside. All of a sudden she started whining and her body turned stiff. I got so scared!

But then, I reached out to my mom and asked her what to do. She suggested wrapping the baby in a blanket and putting her in the sunlight. That actually worked. Within 20 mins, she came out of the blanket just fine. Oh, I was so relieved!

The troubles coming out of my naivety were only increasing. I started freaking out about the frequency and amount of her pee. Took her to the vet, he said that the puppy needs more monitoring regarding the frequency, color, etc of the pee. I was like, “This sounds just so difficult!” But, I didn’t lose hope and started Googling about an easier way to do it. That is how I found DuePet.

A Good Pet App Can Save You From Trouble

DuePet app is very detailed with so many features. One of these features is the wee tracker. I installed this app, subscribed to the paid version which was in my budget too, and used just the wee tracker. In this tracker, I stored each and every information along with pictures every time she urinated. After a week, I visited the vet and showed the tracked records of her pee only to find out that she is just fine. At her age, it is normal for puppies to pee this much.

I felt so funny because I was so stressed out. But finally, the DuePet app helped me feel relaxed. There are many apps like this on the app store. My suggestion to you is: If you are facing any management related troubles, try finding how technology can make it easy for you. 

Personal Note

Hopefully, this pet app and my experience will be helpful to you. I would love to know your thoughts. Also, if you have more app recommendations, please do share. Technology is constantly making things easier for all of us. I believe that if we find something that can be helpful to others, we must share that information with everyone else. That’s how, together we take our world ahead faster. Also, by helping, you make friends. It is anyway good to help people, which is also very good for our conscience.

On top of that, we never really know how a little piece of information can literally change people’s lives and in what ways. Here, we are not just helping out people, but also the pets. So, please do share this information among your family and friends. If you like my blog, please do share because it motivates me to write more. Lots of love to you and your pet. 🙂 

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