Different Types of Chocolate To Treat Your Taste Buds


Offering a bittersweet flavour in your food and treating your taste buds in every bite, chocolate is certainly one of the popular flavouring ingredients in the world. Prepared from the cocoa seeds, chocolates have a unique and intense flavour that makes it a favoured choice for making several desserts. It is majorly used in cooking sweet items like cakes, puddings, tarts, ice creams, etc. but there are some regions where chocolates are even used in making dishes as well. The cocoa beans are actually the fruit seeds of cocoa trees that majorly grows in the tropical areas near the equator. 

The popularity of chocolate around the world cannot be denied. According to the World Cocoa Foundation, people around the globe consume around 3 million tons of cocoa beans in a year. Not only consuming it to relish the great taste, but it is also highly beneficial for your heart and brain. Today, you can easily avail chocolates online, and you don’t have to hit the supermarket to get your favourite chocolates. For instance, if you want to gift chocolates to your loved ones, you can get chocolate box delivery online easily. 

How Are Chocolates Made?
Chocolate is made from the fruit seed of Theobroma Cacao, which is a tropical tree, which means “Food of the Gods” in Greek. Theobroma Cacao trees are majorly grown in the river basins of Amazon and Orinoco in South America. You can see a vast plantation of Theobroma from southeastern Mexico to the Amazon River. The farmers crack the fruits of the cocoa tree and scoop out all the seeds. The seeds are further sent for the fermentation and drying process. The seeds are also sent to different manufacturers where their quality is gauged and then put to different purposes. These factories inspect, clean, roast, and grind the cocoa beans to prepare various forms of chocolates. The more they are pressed, rolled, mixed with other ingredients, the more they will yield flavour. 

These are the common ingredients used in preparing chocolates-:
• Chocolate Liquor: When the shells of the cocoa beans are removed, they are sent to fermentation, and the output is further roasted and grounded to liquefy. 
• Cocoa Butter: It is basically the natural fat from the beans that helps in enhancing the flavour and texture. 
• Lecithin: A emulsifier made with soy used the blending of all the ingredients together. 
• Vanilla: vanillin for flavouring. 
• Sugar: It is used to damp the bitterness. 

Different Types of Chocolates
Chocolates have different flavours and properties that make them distinctive from one another. There are different types of chocolates available in the markets that are known for their distinct taste. Take a look at the various forms of chocolates. 

Chocolate Liquor
Often referred to as unsweetened chocolate, chocolate liquor is basically the base of all chocolates. This liquefied state of chocolate is formed from cacao nibs inside the beans. When these nibs are grounded to create a smooth texture, they form a liquid. Chocolate liquor is also used to make different beverages as well. 

White Chocolate
Ivory coloured chocolates that are easily recognizable among the rest, white chocolates are made by blending cocoa butter, vanilla, milk, lecithin, and sugar. All these ingredients help in giving white chocolate the required sweet vanilla aroma. The flavour profile of white chocolate is described as sweet, along with the bold notes of condensed milk and vanilla. 

Milk Chocolate
It is the classic type of chocolates that we have been eating. Slightly brown colour, creamy texture, and sweet taste, milk chocolates are one of the popular types of chocolates used in consumption. It is prepared by blending chocolate liquor, milk, and sugar. An emulsifier is also used in making a special type of milk chocolates. 

Dark Chocolate
Just like their name suggests, dark chocolates have a deep brown colour and the second most famous chocolate in the world. It is bittersweet chocolate that imbibes the authentic texture and flavour of the cocoa seeds. During the past few years, the popularity of dark chocolates has skyrocketed due to its numerous health benefits. Generally, it contains 15% chocolate liquor, but to give a more authentic taste, at least 50% of chocolate liquor should be added. 

Bitter Sweet Chocolate
Over the past few years, bittersweet chocolate has gained plenty of popularity among the people. It is often referred to as extra bittersweet chocolate. People started to incline towards this variant of dark chocolates after acknowledging the health benefits of dark chocolates. 

The Bottom Line
Chocolates are known for their great taste and health benefits. People around the world consume chocolates in a massive amount. There are different types of chocolates that are prepared differently with different ingredients. The above mentioned were some of the common types of chocolates available in the market that you can choose from. 

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