Cyber-Security and the Professionals Who Handle It


Cyber-security is not only the most important aspect for a company but also it is an integral part of the overall development process in today’s scenario.

This is the main reason why there has been a surge in finding the most suitable consultant. To understand the importance of information security policies, we first need to understand the current market scenario with the help of some recent cyber-attacks.

  • According to a report, personal data of individuals including customers and employees were involved in close to 58% of cyber-attacks in 2020.
  • Upstocx, India’s second-largest consultancy firm witnessed a cyber-attack that stole the personal data of up to 25 million customers.
  • In the year 2020, a report suggested that almost 94% of all the malware is delivered through email.

These facts go on to prove that a typical organisational structure is prone to cyber-attacks of any kind from any part of the world.

Therefore, paying attention to these matters takes an equal amount of effort across all scales and industries.

But the question that still remains unanswered is about the integrity of consultancy firms. If there isn’t, it is a viable possibility that the particular consultancy firm that you hired might be involved in distributing the data that you are providing.

This obviously creates a rift between the consultants and other companies, but it can be resolved by doing regular background cheques and studying the testimonial of the clientele.

However, the rift between the two still prevails because the gap that has been created initially is stubborn enough to dissolve.

That is why it is important for consultants to understand and acknowledge that the gap that has been created should be dissolved and it will only be possible by the constant efforts from their side itself.


Everybody is aware of the fact that data security consultancy in the UK has its own benefits because of professionals like Assured GRC.

But it still is not enough to attract more and more people towards complying with the security policies that are being developed by professionals themselves.

For that, every consultancy firm in the global market needs to realise the fact that it is time to approach these companies in a way that makes them feel more welcomed and connected with the efforts and ideas developed by them.

It is a process that requires initiation from the consultants’ side so that the companies are more and more aware of the negative impact that every cyber-attack entails.

Another important reason for consultants to do this, is the protection of innocent individuals who did nothing more than subscribing to the services of their favourite supplier or company.

Adding resilience to an organisational structure might also benefit the consultants in improving the reputation that they hold across every industry and every scale of companies.


It is obvious that hiring a professional will be helpful for a business entity across any industry in the global market. Still, some of the contestants in this wide market have issues in complying with the measures that they are getting.

It might be because of the behaviour of the consultant, or the negligence of the consultancy firm towards the minute details that create issues for their clients.

Still, it is important to understand that professionals are always far better than the efforts that you are going to make on your own.

Stabilising the cyber-security aspect of our company requires both time and money. And if the knowledge that you acquire is not sufficient to carry out all the measures of developing a stable security plan, there might be a scenario where you have to exhaust both of these resources.

Looking closely for all the opportunities that can help you in adding more resilience to your current infrastructure is the best way to move forward when you do not have the idea about which part to take.

Once you closely analyse all the possibilities and opportunities for your firm to tackle a particular scenario, you will easily understand the necessary steps that you have to take. And hiring a professional consultancy firm is one of those steps.

Another important step is to consider keeping a check on the GRC audit of your firm.

If you are sure that all these aspects are stable and without any loopholes, you will find it easy to hire A suitable candidate from the consultancy sector.

Also, it is important to have faith in professional help but not so much that you start believing your consultancy partner more than your own people.

Therefore, if you are planning to hire information security consultant, always take a vote of all the top-level management employees of your company. This way, checking the integrity of a consultant will become easy.

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