Custom Hair Extension Boxes: 4 important things that make it sturdy

custom hair extension boxes

Over the last few changes, the fashion world has seen so many changes in which a considerable change has been seen in the category of custom hair extension boxes world as well. You will see a huge competition arising in the hair extension brand, and yet hair extension packaging boxes is something that holds the primary importance.

Choosing creative hair packaging boxes plays a vital role for the brand to give their hair extension product something which stays secure at the time of transportation. They are yet made up of material that is durable and let your hair extension store or brand look to be the most prominent one.

You will often see the hair extension boxes getting customize into some amazing designs, durable materials, and attractive colors. But in the current era, people are curious to find the boxes which are not just attractive but even allow them to see how the brand has represented itself and its image in front of the market crowd.

Use of windows pane on custom hair extension boxes

The use of windows plays a vital role which you can add to the custom boxes of hair extension. These transparent windows will also permit all the buyers to see how your product of hair extension will appear. With such a window design, the customer will be able to see that how the inside product will look and what quality it has.
Plus, the windowpane style will enable the customer to look at the length and color of the hair extensions if they stand according to their needs.

Available in various shapes and sizes

Due to the feature of customization, you can get the box of hair extensions in any style or the shape of your choice. You just need to let the designer know. What your main requirements are? And they are responsible for providing you with the custom hair extension packaging box. Which is suited for the hair extension.

Unique styles of hair extension boxes

The main aspect of picking the hair extensions packaging is due to the fact that how much they are responsible for boosting the brand sales. But this is just possible if the packaging box is available with unique styles and great designs.
You will find the custom hair extension boxes available in rectangular shaping. You just have to make sure that the box you are choosing is attractive for the customer. And is equally durable for product protection.

Protection during transportation or shipping

The best thing about wholesale hair extension packaging is the protection. That is giving to your product against environmental damage or dirt. Kraft and cardboard materials are great enough for manufacturing the box packaging to keep them secure at the time of shipping.

Tips to consider when designing custom hair extension packaging box

  • It is always important to think out of the hair extensions packaging box. You should be creative and artistic enough in the box designing so it can gradually attract the customers. Hence, you can also keep the box designing according to the customers and their age which are you targeting. Be careful with the printing style and color theme.
  • It is always important to add some fun elements into the packaging in the form of unusual shapes and some bright color themes. This will always motivate the customers to be forced to purchase your product at any cost.
  • You should always come up with some unique packaging concepts which are a combination of two. And each one of the concepts has to be different from one another. This is how at the end, you will see something which is eye-catching and classy. There is nothing wrong with choosing the box which is 10% recyclable.
  • Use of the window pane over the boxes is the best opportunity to let the customers see what is exactly available inside the box. Along with the window, you can also see bow or ribbon decoration designs too.
  • You should follow the latest trends of packaging for hair extensions and see what the customers are actually demanding. This will help you to win your customer’s trust, and they will head their way back to your store again and again.


To end with, we will say that by using attractive custom hair extension boxes. You can definitely give your brand a new success and boost for sure. But always remember that you are not just targeting the customers but are also spreading your brand message as well. You should see what the competitor brands are offering and follow a bit of their idea to compile your box packaging.

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