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Writing genres have varied from one era to another. For example, writing services that we know of today did not have any such concept some twenty years back. Content has explored different modes of its presentation today. Writing is one of them. However, writing itself is not limited to one single mode.

In the earlier days, we had drama, poetry, and prose as three significant modes of writing. While poetry was meant to be sung, the drama was performed on stage with dialogues, monologues, and likewise elements. As for prose, it further got to be divided into fiction, short story, autobiography, memoirs, and essay. However, what we know of writing today is far more different from these. 

Writing has evolved to its latest forms, depending mainly on the platforms it brings into its very being. There are these concise personal blogs and long projects of writing services. All are varying in both their length and nature. They further depend on the audience as well as the purpose for whom or what it is written. Let’s have a look into different modes and genres of writing which mainly belong to this day. 

Blog Writing: 

The Internet is the major platform for connecting people worldwide, and blog writing service leads any other service when it comes to professional writing. It generally includes articles, blog posts, interviews, and research.

Brand Journalists: 

Brand journalists are used to writing catchy headlines and compelling content. They aim to satisfy human interests. They attempt to touch the depths of what people like through interviews, brand stories, customer stories, press releases, internal communications, company bios, and boilerplates.


It requires copywriters to know what their audience what to listen to or read before generating the stuff accordingly to serve the purpose. There are numerous types of copywriting, some of which are: infographics, website copy, product descriptions, traditional print media, and sales collateral. 

Ghost Writing: 

Ghostwriting is in great demand these days, as the clients get it written for themselves in return for the amount they have to pay to the writers. Ghostwriting includes but may not be considered to be limited to articles, whitepapers, ebooks, website copy, thought leadership, and off-page content.

Technical Writing: 

The basic aim of technical writing is to make the technical content easily understandable for the layman. It generally provides explanations to the technical stuff so that the ordinary reader can grasp it. Technical writing service includes: how to guides, FAQs, manuals, instructions, and user experience messaging.

Social Media Writing: 

It is the age of social media. The most crowded platform where the voice echoes to every corner of the world. Meanwhile, social media writing services mainly belong to be published on its platforms and may include: social media posts, interactive content, platform-specific content, quizzes, and PR outreach. 

Email Writing: 

Email writing has a lot to do with psychology as it requires a good understanding of the receiver’s mindset and how to convince them with their words only. The services it consists of are: newsletters, drip campaigns, transactional emails, sales nurture, and customer nurture.

Script Writing: 

Scriptwriting plays a vital role in the presentation of content these days. It is one of the most persuasive tools to convey the message. Scriptwriting services may include but not be confined to video scripts, podcast scripts, explainer video scrips, motion graphic scripts, and audio advertising.

Long-form Content Writing: 

Like its name itself suggests, it is a long-term writing service that may include as lengthy projects as ebooks, white papers, data studies, case studies, and pillar blog posts. Such writing services as these are prolonged to months to be completed and submitted.

Ad and Promo Writing: 

It includes everything from advertising and direct mail copies to landing pages to onsite promo blurbs. However, Ad and Promo as writing services do not confine to that only as it also contains sales collateral and product descriptions.

Final Thoughts

Some writing services overlap the genres they belong to. That is to say, they count as and come under more than one heading depending on their purpose. This should not confuse the reader as to where do they belong. Writing services can be seen to be varying in their nature, content, and presentation too.

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